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Not just a businessman, but also the national goalkeeper of Denmark - Eigil Nielsen founded the brand Select in 1942. The Danish team won the bronze medal at the 1948 Olympic Games in England, but that was not enough. After his active player time Nielsen invented a ball without cords on the outer skin. He surely revolutionized the ball industry and until today a lot of balls are based on this groundbreaking Select structure. Find a big selectíon of Select footballs and other products in our Select shop!

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Can you imagine that there once was a time where football balls were more or less carelessly assembled round things made out of brown leather? Just in 1962 Select developed a ball which was stitched together out of 32 individual pieces by hand. Precise trajectory, easy guidance and robust - this ball was surpassing everything you knew until now! No surprise, that the 32-panel system is still so popular today and six decades of experience speak more than for itself. There surely is a reason that Select is the world's best ball manufacturer today. Select balls are characterized by steady and excellent flight characteristics. When hitting the ball you will meet little resistance and that's why the ball glides targeted, precise and sturdy through the air. Try it yourself and choose Select Classic, Brilliant Super or Street Football.

More precision with SELECT!

Of course, a high quality ball is very important - not only in the match, but already during the training. Want to improve your performance even more? Select helps you to get the most out of you. Improve your skills with the Select Agility ladder, jump over training hurdles and refine your coordination on the Balance Board. In case you get hurt while training or a during a tough match, select surely won´t let you down, because compression bandages, muscle ointment, K-Tape or Ice Spray ensure that you are up and running on the field in no time. Meanwhile Select produces more than 3 million balls per year and exports them to 50 countries around the world. However, the brand is not only active on the football field, but also supplies handball players, basketball or volleyball players with top-quality products, equipment and accessories.

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