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Designed for easy entrance | Nike introduces the Flyease to a football boot

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Well, well, well - what do we have here? No, seriously - what is this?! Isn’t it the Flyease technology on the Phantom GT? Sure it is! Let’s take a look at what's going on!

Yep, you’ve read that right. Phantom GT, the latest addition to the Nike football boot family, will now come with the innovative Flyease technology. This might change the world of football boots! If you don’t know why or don’t know what the Flyease technology is, then keep on reading. We’ll introduce it right away!

Haven’t we all tried to have problems and complications whenever we bought a new boot and would try it on. You know, tearing the heel cap down and making space for your foot to fit in. Not to mention, that when you've finally got it on, you have to adjust the laces and so on. Sometimes it takes lots of training sessions, matches and small adjustments until you are fully settled in and before you easily slip into the boot. Well, this is where the Flyease joins the party. Because the Flyease will help you with those problems. But not only will it help you - it will fully remove those silly little irritations out of your world. So now you don’t have to fight the shoe, in order to put the shoe on. Let’s see the technology - and afterwards you can read how it works!

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The Flyease technology is basically a heel counter, that wraps off and on to secure the lockdown of the boot. The beauty about it is that it actually laces, while you wrap the heel cap around your foot. And it can be adjusted to make sure that it gets as tight as you want it to. That means that it’s not only easier to get the shoe on and off - it will also enhance your feeling of the ball, because it makes the shoe fit your foot even better. In essence, Flyease has three main principles, build on the design-philosophy of making smarter and better footwear to athletes, regardless of capabilities:

1. Easy to open and close

2. Easy to take on and off

3. Adjustable to embrace feets different shapes and sizes

The Phantom GT will be the first boot to wear the Flyease technology. And we can’t wait to see if Nike will expand the technology to other boots too, like the Tiempo or the Mercurial!