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Light up the pitch with the new adidas Ace 15.1 Reflective

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Today Adidas launched the X15 in a black/grey/neon design, with reflexes on the side. The Ace15 is a boot for the controlling and calm midfielder and it therefore now has a design to match that profile, only slightly more discrete. Find out more here.

Just like the X15 did, the Ace15 had a brilliant debut. With goals from both Rakitic and Morata, the Ace was the topscorer at the Champions League final – finishing it all off with the trophy. It’s almost a shame this design wasn’t the one used during the game, because the reflective design would have looked brilliant in the spotlight.

When I describe the design as being slightly more discrete, what I mean is that the boots consists of mainly two colours: black and gray. The web control design on the upper part is made up of the subtle grey colour – that matches the black perfectly. Unlike the X15, it is only the adidas-stripes on the side that is covered in the reflective material.

Here at the Unisport HQ, I had a cruise around the office – Mathias from Social Media, was one the colleagues I chatted with. Normally he plays in the Predator Instinct, and has yet to make the transition to the new Ace15.

“I’ve loved the Predator, ever since it was launched. I have a pair of adidas sneakers at home, with the same reflective design – so I have to say I’m really quite a tempted. Matching both on and off the pitch would be pretty awesome in any case “

When the design can tempt even a loyal Predator fan like Mathias, I think it is safe to establish that the Ace15.1 is going to one the most popular boots this summer. How about you, are you feeling the lure of this new look too?