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Nike unveil a new Tech Craft colourway update!

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It went so incredibly well the first time round and now Nike are ready to repeat the success. The American brand bring the elegant leather touch to their full range of boot silos with a new Tech Craft update. Get a closer look at the new colourways here.

With the last many colourway updates Nike have had a concept of basing their boots main colour on the accent colour of the boot that came before it. That rings true once more, as the new Tech Craft boots are made with the same striking neon colour, as we saw on the Electro Flare design. A cool way of linking the boots together, which I really enjoy.

That being said, I have to admit that the brown colour that has been used on the leather part of the upper is really not my cup of tea. You can take it from me, when I don’t like a Nike colourway, because I definitely fall into the category of ‘Nike fanboy’. It’s obviously completely down to individual preference, but the neon and light brown just doesn’t fit for me.

That should however not distract from the fact that the concept is nothing short of brilliant and one that I really enjoyed on the previous boots. The quality of the craftsmanship and the way the leather is integrated is simply second to none and if you want the modern boot design, but still prefer the leather touch, then there are no better boots.

The boots can be ordered on the 12th of November. Get to know the second they are available by signing up to our newsletter.

The new colourway combination might not be my thing, but I know there are so many fans of Nike’s legendary Volt colour, who will definitely disagree. Are you one of those and do you like the new leather boots from Nike?