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adidas find medieval inspiration with the Black Pack

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As we are entering the month of March, adidas have got something up their sleeve for us. Black Pack is the name of their latest collection, and it is inspired by something a little unexpected. The boots come in full blackout, but each with patterns that represent medieval characteristic patterns.

Blackout football boots are enjoying quite the renaissance lately. The black look is associated with the time when football boots had just been born, and now adidas are going fully old school with the Black Pack. All the models will deliver the same technologies as we are used to - except the 11Pro, which will come with the synthetic adidas Hybridtouch upper this time around. The detailing? The patterns and detailing you are seeing on the boots is inspired by characteristic areas and periods of medieval times.

The F50 adizero is inspired by the French knights, whose identity was connect with the Heraldic lilies, also known as fleur de lis.

The Predator Instinct Black Pack edition celebrates the British knights with a print inspired by the tudor rose, which was a British emblem back in the 1400s.

The 11pro stands out the most out of the four boots, as it is the only boot that adidas have decided to alter this time around. Instead of keeping the leather upper, they have for the time being switched to Hybridtouch, which provides the very smooth upper. The detailing is inspired by the The Janissaries, who were elite infantry soldiers functioning as lifeguards for sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Yes, things are getting heavy right here…

The Nitrocharge is inspired by the renaissance which first took place in Italy back around the 1300s

With the Black Pack, adidas have created a very unique design. Black is truly the new black, but we cannot help ourselves from feeling that adidas could have gone a bit further with the medieval inspired design. Some would say ‘less is more’ but in this case we may think ‘more is more’...