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Nike expand the Magista Obra family with yet another member

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The Magista Obra is among the most talked about boots in the first half of 2014 and it shows no signs of slowing down in the second. This March when the boot was presented in Barcelona, Nike didn't just bring one, but several colourways with them. Now we have been introduced to two new models, which are black/white and black/neon. We take a look at the last of the two here.

The Magista-collection was introduced to the world in March by Nike and Iniesta in Barcelona. It was however not until the World Cup kicked off that we really got to see the boot, which Nike called a revolution in football, in action. And Nike could not have dreamed of a better scenario then what unfolded, when Mario Götze decided the World Cup final in his Nike Magista Obra.

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Now Nike celebrate their new collection by launching not just one, but two, new colourways for the boot made for the games playmaker. The one of them is a part of Nike's newly presented Black Pack, which is a follow up to last years Stealth Pack. The other model is also predominantly black, but with quite a few more colours.

If there are two particular colours that have been used quite a lot this summer, then it is definitely neon and red. The two colours have been used as the main colours on Nike's Hyperpunch-collection, which represented Nike at this years world cup. The Magista was mainly neon, while red and black where used as accent colours. Now Nike have switched the colours around a bit and this new black and neon boot is the result of this.

On the technology front it is exactly the same Magista Obra that we got to know so well. It still has the Flyknit upper, as well as the attypical Dynamic Fit Collar, which divided opinion to begin with. Nike has not been scared off by that and haven't changed any of the technologies.

Go on in and order the new Magista Obra Black/Neon – just €275.

The design has however seen great changes compared to the first model. Because while the Hyperpunch version of the Magista was very eye-catching, with the vivid neon colourway, thw two models are far more discrete. Nike have however spiced one of the models up a little by filling it with colours.

And just like on the first model, the upper texture is not only used as a performance enhancing material, but also a way to shape the design. The honeycomb texture, which first and foremost helps create friction between boot and ball, has also been filled with red and neon, to give an ekstra 3D like design.

Especially the stud-configuration, with the conical studs is one of the elements that really cements the Nike Magista Obra as a boot developed for the playmaker. The two new models come with a neon and black sole respectively. The mixture of nylon and PEBAX helps ensure an optimal combination of flexibility and stability.

Go on in and order the new Magista Obra Black/Neon – just €275.

We are sure the two new members of the Nike Magista Obra family will be welcomed with open arms. Even though black boots are becoming rarer and rarer, there is still a great demand for them. What do you prefer? Coloured or blackouted football boots?