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The new season is closing in: train and play like Agüero and Milner

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We continue looking at what kind of gear the biggest stars are actually training in and also wearing for matches. This time around we have looked towards England to take a closer look at Manchester City and the quick attacker Sergio Agüero and the hard working midfield profile James Milner.

The Premier League season start is really closing in now. With just 8 days to the first game, the training is really heating up around the clubs. The competition in the premier league is fiercer than ever, and there is no room for mistakes as the season kicks off, and therefore the tough training is a must.

At Manchester City they are in need of a good season start if they want to realise their goal of taking back the title which they lost to the rivals at Manchester United last season. In charge of the process is the new manager Manuel Pellegrini, who looks like a man that believes in hard training to have the City players reach the shape they are looking for to be ready to start the season off on August 19th at the Etihad Stadium against Newcastle.

Numerous players are needed to perform in order for City to succeed, and one of them who the fans are definitely hoping will perform, is the always hard working James Milner. He seems to be looking to prove what he can do, and in his fight to succeed he surely has the right equipment to help him along.

On his feet you will see the Nike CTR 360 Maestri III Current Blue/Black/Volt. The boot is optimised to provide maximum control in all the facets of the game, something that Nike have tried to create by incorporating their latest technologies into the boot. On the upper you can see Nike's Dampening Pods, which are made of an area with a dimpled texture that have a dampening effect on the ball. On the medial side of the boot you will find Nike's newly developed 3D Control Zone, which helps you stabilise and hereby control the ball better. In addition, the boot is created with Nike's Kangalite, which is rather similar to leather, yet is does't not take up as much water. Moreover, the upper is developed with Nike's ACC technology, which ensures a good grip on the ball in all weather conditions.

But it is not just in terms of the feet, that James Milner has gotten his hands on the right equipment. Manchester City have been kind enough to provide the Englishman with the brand new Manchester City training shirt from Nike. This is the first year of the Nike and City cooperation, and it is therefore something new for James Milner and the rest of the team carry the classic Nike swoosh on the chest. If the City players are going to like their new shirts it may be due to the technologically developed materials. The shirt is slim-fit and is able to wick sweat from your body, thus allowing your body to stay at a comfortable temperature, even during very tough training sessions.

As Manchester City have created a deal with American Nike, they will of course also get the latest Nike Incyte football. The high-tech developed ball will be used in the coming season of the Premier League, and therefore it is probably not a bad idea that James Milner gets well acquainted with ball in order to deliver more powerful strikes as we know he is capable of. The Nike Incyte ball is able to travel in a very direct manner through the air and will keep its round shape perfectly.

With a pair of Nike CTR 360 Maestri III in the latest colourway Current Blue/Black/Volt to control the latest Nike Incyte football and with the latest Nike training shirt on, it seems that James Milner, and the rest of the club are more than ready for then new season in the Premier League. And if also add a pair of Nike Dri Elite Fit socks in your boots, then there is realy not much more you can do, equipment-wise. But if you are looking to get into the proper match form, then you will also need to switch out the training gear with your match gear, and therefore we now turn to the lightning fast striker, Sergio Agüero.

Sergio Agüero may very well turn out to be one of the coming seasons biggest profiles. The sharp attacker has a special in the hearts of the City fans after he, in the 11/12 season, secured the championship with goal in the overtime against a tough Queens Park Rangers in the very last round of the season. Last season, Manchester United, as you know, managed to snatch the trophy, and we believe that there are a lot of Manchester City fans out there who are hoping that Agüero will strike the trophy back to Manchester City once again. Hereby, there is a certain amount of pressure on Agüero's shoulders, but also on the Puma evoSPEED 1.2, which is to be found on the feet of Agüero.

Puma evoSPEED 1.2 are Pumas top shot at a lightweight boot and the battle with nike Mercurial Vapor IX and Adidas F50 Adizero. The evoSPEED 1.2 is designed with the three main focus points: low weight, flex and fit. Based on many hours of development, Puma have managed to create a boot that weighs in at just 188 grams. The weight is kept down thanks to the thin upper made from Japanese synthetic. The upper is to adapt to your foot to give you a natural feel fit. In addition, the upper is equipped with the GripTex texture, which delivers a good ball grip even in wet weather conditions; not a bad idea when you are playing in England.

The elegant Puma evoSPEED 1.2 matches the brand new Manchester City home shirt, delivered by Nike. The American giant has created a shirt that continues the minimalistic and elegant style that Manchester City have been known for, for a long time. The shirt naturally displays the classic sky blue colour, but they have also found room for some nice detailing. On the sleeves you can see a dark blue line around the opening, which is a discrete celebration of the dark blue socks that Manchester City wore together with their very first home kit back in 1892.

Sergio Agüero seems to be very comfortable in Manchester City, and there is really nothing pointing towards him changing out the sky blue Manchester City shirt. The shirt is also a truly elegant match with the Manchester City home shorts, also made by Nike. The shorts provide optimal freedom of movement and let's Agüero travel at the immense speed we know he is capable of. For the training matches so far, Agüero and Manchester City have also used the elegant Nike Park IV socks, which is a nice sock from Nike, that will keep your shin pads in place and is also comfortable to wear.

It is going to be exciting to see what Sergio Agüero is capable of, as Manchester City start off the new season against Newcastle at home at the Etihad Stadium. One thing we already know, is that both Sergio Agüero and James Milner have secured the right equipment. After a lookaround in the English we can conclude that the City stars look to be well dressed for coming season and the fight to bring back the English championship. But how Agüero, Milner, Pellegrini and the rest of the citizens, only time will tell.

This time we went by Manchester to see how City are training ahead of the coming season. Do you think Manchester City will be able to take back the title? What do you think of the new home shirt and the training shirt from Nike? As always, we would love to hear your comments either here, or on Facebook and Twitter.