Nike FC247: Welcome the Elastico Pro II Fresh Mint/Pink Flash/Neo Lime

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Football on smaller more compact surfaces is rocketing in popularity and especially indoor football and futsal is experiencing a bit of a renaissance. This has created a renewed need for the right equipment to accommodate this need and as always Nike have their fingers on the pulse with their new FC247-collection, which has the right gear for the specific surfaces.

The new Nike FC247-collection takes over where Nike5 left of and the well known Bomba, Elastico and Lunargato models all live on, but with new sleeker designs. Nike have worked a lot together with their professional Nike players, as well as amateurs with a deep insight into the games current developments, in their quest to create the ultimate football shoes for very specific surfaces.

The new Nike FC247-collection offers shoes for any surface; street, turf and indoor courts. We will now be taking a closer look at the Nike Elastico Pro II Fresh Mint/Pink Flash/Neo Lime, which has been designed specifically for indoor play and what it is that makes it so good for this can be found in the text down below.

The first thing that jumps at you with the new Nike Elastico Pro II, is naturally the design, which carries on the tendency of eye-catching colourways, much like its predecessors. There has however still been some significant changes and the look of the boot has been made much simpler. This is partly down to that Nike have shaved off any unnecessary features on the shoe, which now has 39% fewer components.

This has also helped the weight a lot, as it is now is 22% lighter than the Elasticos before it. The much reduced weight comes as a result of the feedback, which Nike got on their earlier models, where players requested a lighter and more flexible shoe. Both these things have been helped with their new upper, which has been made with the even newer material, NIKESKIN.

Nike have a lot of faith in their new upper material, which is also used on the Nike Bomba Finale II and NIKESKIN definitely delivers as promised. Det is very flexible, light and seems to shape itself around your foot, to give a very tight, but comfortable fit. On the medial side of the shoe Nike have fitted a support-band, which keeps the mid foot in place, to create added stability.

The small textures holes in the surface help to create increased friction between ball and boot, which greatly increases ball control. NIKESKIN is furthermore perforated to help your breathe ability and this makes it very comfortable for playing Futsal, where the temperature can get a little toasty.

The shoe sole is also one of the areas, which Nike have had special focus on. Many players wanted better grip on the indoor court, as well as improved grip in the ball when controlling it with the sole. To help the grip, Nike designed a new outsole, which combines herringbone- and dot-sole features, as to ensure sublime traction.

Along the outsole there's also been some drastic developments, as this is another area Nike were recommended to improve. There is in indoor football a great need for a sole that is both flexible and facilitates quick turns. This is also something that definitely helps your perception of the way football should be played, when going from the tight five-a-side games, to comparatively massive 11-a-side. In any case if you ask Andres Iniesta.

All the new models from the Nike FC247-collection are ready for pre-order right here.

Are you a fan of futsal and indoor football, then the Nike Elastico Pro II is right up your street and makes for the ultimate shoe for the job. Nike have really turned up the tempo with the new generations and we are already loving them. What do you think about it? Share your comment in the box down below.