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Puma Race Off: Sergio Agüero challenges Nico Rosberg

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Just over a month ago, Sergio Agüero became the winner of the Puma Race Off, beating Cesc Fabregas, Michael Carrick and Bacary Sagna, among other, in a formula 1 simulator. Now he is ready to receive his prize; driving a proper car around the track together with race car driver Nico Rosberg, who refuses to let the cheeky Argentinian beat him in his own sport.

Note: If you missed the first round of the Puma Race Off you can find it right here, and see how the Puma stars did in the formula 1 simulator.

Sergio Agüero clocked in a very nice lap time of just 1:22:58 in the formula 1 simulator, which Nico Rosberg beat by just over a second. Now the time has come for Agüero to prove if he can repeat the success in a real racer. He will start out by getting some training in a top tuned racer and afterwards it's his own turn to get behind the wheel. They both manage to scare one another, but it is clearly the shivering Agüero who is most happy to get out of the car alive.

Nico Rosberg didn't exactly get a student who paid much attention, but none the less he had to admit that Sergio Agüero knew how to put the pedal to the metal in a car.

“Sergio clearly knows how to drive a car. In the Mercedes Benz C63 AMC car he simply flew around the track and he managed to control the car very well, big respect to him. I was a little surprised by how good he actually was. He is a great guy, but I had to slow down his cockiness a little, so I really enjoyed taking him around the track and showing what I can do in the Mercedes Benz AMD DTM car. Now he truly knows what racing is all about!”

After a ride in the phenomenal Mercedes Benz AMG DTM racer, the sprightly footballer also had to applaud the experience Nico Rosberg had given him:

“I was very happy to win the Puma Race Off challenge and prove how fast I am in a Formula 1 simulator. Today, I was able to show Nico that I can also be fast on a real race track. His training was pretty boring to be honest, so I thought I'd better show how to drive a car properly. I must admit that he really impressed me in the Mercedes Benz AMG DTM racer. He is almost as fast as I am!”.

Nico Rosberg looked rather surprised as Sergio Agüero raced the speed monster of a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG around the race track; but he did get his revenge when he, himself, got behind the wheel in a real racer and made it clear that he was the faster man on four wheels. What do you think of the rather entertaining video? Would you like to try it out for yourself? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.