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Mizuno Morelia Neo White/Black – check out the 185g kangaroo leather boot right here

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The Japanese sportsbrand, Mizuno, is known to represent very high quality equipment, including their football boots, and now we can reveal their latest release. Please welcome Mizuno Morelia Neo White/Black. With a weight of no more than 185g and an upper made from kangaroo leather, this is quite and interesting release if you are looking for a new boot. What do you think of it?

In Japan, Mizuno is among the most preferred boot brands, and considering the quality, durability and creativity associated with the brand, this is no wonder. The classic leather boot Mizuno Morelia, is based on an upper made of a one piece kangaroo leather and classic conical stud system. Now the Mizuno Morelia has gotten a serious makeover, and the Mizuno Morelia Neo is born.

The classic values are still represented, but with a focus on weight loss, the Morelia Neo has become considerably lighter. This boot, which is worn by Brazilian Hulk, among others, weighs in at no more than 184g in a EU size 42, and hereby really enters the fight to become the best leather upper speed boot. Mizuno Wave Ignitus proved to be among the best power boots on the market, now the question is if Mizuno can repeat the success on the speed market?

Despite the fact that the Mizuno Morelia Neo is the lightest boot that the Japanese brand has ever produced, they have refused to compromise on the well known comfort level. Therefore, the Morelia Neo has been equipped with a padded insole, which ensures a high comfort level. In addition, they have added a mesh area to the tongue, which is not only soft and comfortable, but also very breathable – not a bad idea for a 90 minute match in warm weather conditions.

On the forefoot the elegant kangaroo leather will wrap around your foot, and you will not need to use the boot for long before it has adapted to your foot, and the result is an optimal fit. As we have become quite accustomed to, the k-leather also provide an amazing ball touch.

For the bottom of the boot, Mizuno have chosen a Pebax sole, which, similar to what we have seen with the Puma v 1.11 SL, varies in terms of its sturdiness. Firstly, Tepax is a lighter material compared to TPU, which is found on Adidas Adizero F50, but as the sturdiness of the sole varies from heel to forefoot, the flexibility has been kept and the result is an excellent sole.

The stud system has a very classic design with conical studs as we know it from heritage boots all over the world. A highly reliable system known for comfortability, stability and a great ability to distribute the pressure and ensure a comfortable feel.

Mizuno Morelia Neo White/Black can be ordered from us right here (LINK), only (PRICE).

Mizuno Morelia Neo has come to fight for the speed boot market. What do you think of the elegant boot? Are you considering getting it, or does your heart belong to another boot already? We are eager to hear your opinion in the comment field below.