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adidas unveil a new colourway for the adidas Messi 15.1 boots

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Unstoppable is the only appropriate word you can use to describe the 2016 adidas have been having. They now keep the ball rolling with another massive launch for their undisputedly greatest athlete. Presenting the newest adidas Messi 15.1 colourway.

Messi is a player that needs no further introduction and who the world has entirely run out of superlatives to describe. Creating a boot for the player, who many see as the greatest player of all time is no easy task and with the pressure on adidas to always put together a boot worthy of king leo, they are haven’t missed the target yet.

A day may come, where I don’t like the Messi 15.1 design, but it’s certainly not this day. The newest adidas Messi 15.1 signature boot is a venomous one, which we will see the vivacious Argentinian humiliating defences with in the games to come. We have already spotted Lionel Messi training in the new colourway ahead of tonight’s clash with Arsenal, so there’s even a good chance we will get to see them in action tonight.

If you want to wear the same boots as Lionel Messi, then you can find the newest colourway right here.