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Luca Play tests the new Magista Obra BHM

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Since 2005 Nike have honoured and celebrated Black heritage in sport and beyond with their Black History Month collection. We asked Luca to show how this design performs in action…

While Luca probably is not the best representation of the Black History Month collection, we still found it interesting to see how the boot’s design actually look on pitch. And as JayMike probably is an even worse representation we asked Luca to jump into a pair of the Magista Obra BHM.

Black History Month is recurring celebration of black heritage. The initiative, which Nike started in 2005, was made to inspire and motivate young African American to follow in the steps of their biggest idols. At the same time the collection also provides financial support to Nike’s Ever Higher fund, which in the first place was created to bring mentorship, sport and all of its benefits to this group of people.

See Luca play testing the Magista Obra in the video above.