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Unisport WebTV: Héctor Bellerín discusses the new Arsenal home-shirt

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When Arsenal and PUMA a couple of weeks ago presented their new home-shirt, we were invited to the Emirates stadium to have a little chat with Héctor Bellerín about the new design. See what he had to say about his new home-shirt here.

Anyone who supports, or knows someone who supports Arsenal, knows how much pride they feel for the club. It’s therefore not always easy to supply The Gunners with a new kit, because the expectations are always massive. After a very successful first season PUMA were however far from daunted by the task…

You can pre-order the Arsenal home-shirt right here – just 80 euro.

The new Arsenal shirt has already been well received by Héctor Bellerín, who thinks PUMA have done a very good job of incorporating details like the gold collar and the red stripes. He is also really looking forward to stepping onto the Emirates pitch next season, as they hunt for Premier League glory.

If you look good, you feel more comfortable and confident. Those are the words of Bellerín and he is convinced that he will feel comfortable in this new Arsenal home-shirt.