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Nike introduce the Hypervenom Phantom II: Deceptive Agility

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The wait has been excruciating and expectations off the charts! Today we can finally unveil the newest innovation from Nike, the deceptive Hypervenom Phantom II. Get to know all about the lethal boot for the deadly agile striker right here.

The concept remains the same as on the first Hypervenom, with deadly agility still being the name of the game. The question therefore was, how do you improve an already amazing boot? It’s a tall ask, but nevertheless one given to the design team tasked with designing the brand new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II. After two years of innovation and countless prototypes, you have to give it to Nike, they’ve hit the nail right on the head here.

While still based on the four parameters fit, touch, traction and style there have been major revamps to help take the silo to new heights. With an entirely new NikeSKIN upper construction, as well as the implementation of Nike’s revolutionising Dynamic Fit collar and Flywire there are lots of new additions to help you skin your defender and create that extra yard of space you need to get the ball in the back of the net.

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As you have undoubtedly noticed at this point, Nike have fitted the new Hypervenom Phantom II with their exceedingly popular Dynamic Fit Collar and when you consider the qualities this particular technology brings, it really is the perfect addition. The flexible Flyknit collar gives the sensation of having your boots be nothing more than an extension of your leg, which is without a doubt something any quick moving and agile player will be able to use to devastating effect.

To further amplify the feeling of the boot being at one with your foot, Nike have specially constructed the new Hypervenom’s heel. The boots heel has, unlike the more direct Mercurial Superfly and Magista Obra, been made with off centre heel stitching, which frees up the ankle tendon, allowing the player to move even more freely. Underneath the boot, things are much like on the first incarnation of the Hypervenom, except for the sole being made from a softer compound, thus making it more flexible. This means the split-toe construction we also saw on the first Hypervenom will be even more effective and the players utilisation of the first ray of energy from the big toe is much improved.

The new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II’s upper is however where the fun really begins. A good fit and close touch comes in great part from the upper, which is why the incorporation of NikeSKIN is ideal. The innovative material has allowed Nike to construct the boot with the perfect amount of compression and stretch, allowing the boot to really conform and shape itself to your foot. The NikeSkin upper also seamlessly blends with the Flyknit Dynamic Fit Collar and even around the lace-holes there are no seams in contact with the foot, which could otherwise cause irritation.

The NikeSKIN also means that Nike have really been able to work with the upper in entirely unique ways that would otherwise not be possible. The uppers construction is built up around two layers of mesh, with an incredibly stretchy fibre between it. When you strike the ball, or collide with an opponent's boot, the fibres will retract giving you a more dampened and padded feel. This effect is thicker around the instep, while the boots nose instead has a surface microtexture, which is enhanced in strategic parts of the boot, thus giving you improved grip in this crucial area.

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When players look to utilise their full range of movability, not being firmly placed and slipping inside the boot is a massive drawback. Through extensive research with biomechanics experts, who have analysed the metatarsal bones and their movement, Nike have identified this as the main key to unlocking a players deadly agility with the new Hypervenom. To aid players in this area Nike have added Flywire, which is a series of cables that really lock the foot in place, giving you all the stability you need. These cables however leave the first and fifth metatarsal head free, so while you are still firmly placed in the boot, you don’t lose that ever important free movability.

With three of the four parameters comprehensively covered we move on to the final aspect, which is one Nike do particularly well; style! The boots visual design is inspired by the animal kingdom, with the boots mat upper representing its deceptive nature. When you at first glance see the boots grey upper, you might not think much of it, but when it then explodes into life and reveals the vivid and intimidating pattern the boots true colours are shown. The unique and vibrant sole-pattern will also strike fear into the hearts of defenders around the world, as it is the last thing they see, after you leave them in the dust.

Not that facing players like Neymar, Rooney and Lewandowski ever needed to be more daunting than it already is, but now they are even better equipped to unhinge defences and humiliate defenders. What are your first impressions of the brand new Nike Hypervenom Phantom II?*