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adidas Copa Pure | Purest of the Pure

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adidas welcomes a brand new Copa with the invention of Pure. With a lighter boot featuring more leather - the Pure is everything you love from the Sense, just better. Read more about the amazing new leather boot here!

Buy the adidas Copa Pure here!

Lighter than ever before

adidas has managed to cut off 18% weight, going from 268 to 220 grams - making it almost as light as a speed boot. What is really incredible is that while being much lighter, the Copa Pure have actually opted for for 52% more leather than on the Sense. So to sum the new Pure up - more leather, less weight. What is not to love?


The outsole is an old friend, the Torsionframe. When we call it old, we mean tested and tried through the test of time. Beginning on the legendary Nemeziz, the tooling is just some of the best we have ever seen - not only from adidas.

Great flex in the forefoot, rock solid and stable midfoot and a nice, versatile stud pattern. Never change a winning combination. And that is what the Copa Pure is - a winning combination!

Buy the adidas Copa Pure here!

Own Your Football

The Own Your Football will be the new Copa Pure inline pack. Comming in a 'old-school' black and white Copa look, things are not only as the use too. With a stylish and modern pink twist, these boots will be the most stylish on pitch, while still turning some heads. So own it, Own Your Football.

Nighstrike Pack

If the pink on the Own Your Football is not really your thing, may we introduce the Nighstrike Pack. Black, black and then a little more black on these Copa Pure makes them downplayed yet crazy cool. Your opponent might not be able to see what you are wearing, but they will know - trust us!

Pearlized Pack

The diamond of the pack, or should we say pearl? With an all white look, these Copa Pure is just too fresh, too clean. Soft white leather, lighter and amazing traction - what is stopping you from pulling up on these? Oh, did we say - these will be available all season, so no need to worry about getting them dirty!