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adidas Predator Accuracy | Grip and precision like no other

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This season the Predator is all about accuracy. Whether it is hitting the top bin or pinging the ball past defenders - Predator Accuracy has got your back. So take your game to the next level with accuracy like never before. Buy the new Predator Accuracy on pre-sale at Unisport now!

Buy the new Predator Accuracy on pre-sale here!

New year, new Predator. The new adidas Predator Accuracy has been redesigned, making it lighter, grippier and more accurate. Learn more about the new amazing Predator here!

The new Predator has been reworked from the ground up - or rather top down. With an completely new upper, the new Accuracy is nothing like the Predator Edge, it is a whole new boot. Everything is more accurate, this is the best Predator so far.

But don't just take our word. See here what JayMike thinks about the new adidas Predator Accuracy. Spoiler alert: he really likes them!

Buy the new Predator Accuracy on pre-sale here!

High Definition Grip

Accuracy is all about precision and grip. With the super grippy High Definition Grip these boots increases the grip between boot and ball. More grip means more precision - this is what the Accuracy is all about!


The great FACET FRAME tooling offers amazing stability and a dynamic traction, specially made for those powerfull movements. A weighted forefoot distributes the weight to the front, optimizing power while kicking.

Hybrid Touch Vamp

A coated microfiber makes a softer and extremely mouldable fit, while being lighter than ever. Softer upper and less weight makes this the perfect boot - ready to go straight out the box.

Buy the new Predator Accuracy on pre-sale here!