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FC Barcelona Away 2023/24 | Tribute to Champions

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FC Barcelona has always been associated with their iconic Blaugrana colors. However, this season, the club will depart from tradition with a very unique Away short. The 2023/24 Away jersey, clad in a pristine white hue, has left fans awestruck. It's a deliberate homage to the club's rich history and legendary players and it is sure to turn heads. Learn more about it here!

Drawing Inspiration from the Past

The design of Barcelona's 2023/24 Away jersey draws inspiration from the past, specifically the revered 1978 white kit. This throwback pays homage to the greats of the game who once donned the white colors with pride. The decision to resurrect this iconic shirt has stirred emotions among long-time fans, reminding them of the club's glorious past and illustrious journey.

The crest featured on the jersey remains unchanged from the one proudly worn by the 1978 squad. This detail serves as a powerful symbol of continuity and unity, connecting the present-day team with their heritage and the achievements of their predecessors.

The 2023/24 Away jersey is not just a replica of the past; it combines cutting-edge technology to create a game-ready look. The Stadium collection, as it is aptly named, seamlessly blends vintage design details with modern sweat-wicking technology. So, whether you're playing on the field or cheering from the stands, this kit ensures you're equipped with the best.

An Ode to the Legendary Barça

The designers went the extra mile to add an extra layer of significance to this modern reincarnation. The ribbed sleeve details on the jersey hold a special meaning - they pay tribute to the legendary captain of the 1978 squad. This revered leader's impact on the team's history and the city of Barcelona itself makes it a fitting gesture.

While the white kit may take us back in time, it also serves as a reminder of Barcelona's commitment to greatness in the present and future. This season, like many before it, they aim to be the champions of Spain. The white colors symbolize a fresh start, a new journey towards the pinnacle of success.