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Skechers SKX | Mystery solved

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The most hyped boots in football are finally here! When it comes to footwear, Skechers has long been a name synonymous with comfort, innovation, and style. Now, the brand is stepping onto the football field with the groundbreaking offering: the SKX. And along the way they have brought the English superstar Harry Kane, who will be lacing up in the SKX going forward. Read more about it here - and find out how to purchase them!

Skechers are world renowned for making some of the most comfortable footwear in the World, therefore it is only right that the breach into the football boot market. With the models: SKX in both high and low, there is something for everyone, every position, budget and playing style.

SKX - Harry Kane’s new boot

Introducing the Knit and Skin Upper: a harmonious blend of premium knit and skin materials, seamlessly fused to elevate your footwear experience. The adaptable knit molds itself to your foot's contours, creating a custom fit while promoting superior breathability. Complementing this, the strategically positioned skin panels reinforce the upper, providing essential durability and safeguarding where it matters most.

Discover the game-changing technology within. The Internal Chassis, a marvel at the heart of the boot, crafted from featherweight yet formidable materials. Elevating your experience, it bolsters support, stability, and weightlessness while delivering unmatched strength and responsiveness. Engage with precision through the dynamic stud pattern, offering unparalleled traction for seamless multi-directional movements. Elevating comfort is the Hyper-burst Pro Sock-liner, a signature of Skechers footwear. This ultra-responsive, lightweight TPU cushioning molds precisely to your foot's contours, delivering enduring comfort and a bespoke fit. From kickoff to victory, experience a new level of play.