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PUMA x Unisport ‘Dream Factory’ | Another dream come true

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The new PUMA x Unisport boots are here! Make Football Dreams Come True! This is the second drop of 2023 as part of the collaboration with PUMA. And this is actually our 11th drop in the awesome collaboration. Read more about the boots here!

Dream Factory: Make Football Dreams Come True!

As part of the PUMA x Unisport collaboration we are now ready to drop our second drop of 2023 being named Dream Factory! Inspired by North African colours and patterns the boots really capture that magic and mysterious vibe while having the aim of making football dreams come true!

Dream Factory will have both Future Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate in this drop, with the same inspiration, but still very different. The Future Ultimate takes inspiration from carpets and the different designs within. The boot is a mix of different colours, such as blue, yellow, pink. The Ultra Ultimate, on the other hand, takes inspiration from the different patterns and colours that North African tiles come in. The Ultra boots are green, white, black and yellow, which continues down to a gold soleplate. Both boots have a shiny gold soleplate, which really captures the magic and mysterious vibe.

The boots will be super limited and only be available at Unisport. You can find them online and in all our stores. Check the mind-blowing boots out below!