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Nike Phantom Vortex | Unifying perfection

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Step into the storm, where chaos and brilliance collide - where the Phantoms unify in perfection. The Vortex pack is not just a pack of football boots, it is a new step in football. No longer is the Phantoms for him or her - it is for real ballers. Read everything about the Phantom GX II and Phantom Luna II here!

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For the new Phantoms, Nike have merged the Luna and GX into perfection. It is no longer for him or her - it is for everybody. At the heart of the GX II and Luna II lies the Phantom Player—a disruptive force within the game. With a focus on precision and agility, these boots empower players to create brilliance with the ball, resulting in the perfect storm of skill and attitude on the pitch.

With the GX II being a low cut variant and the Luna II being the mid collar, the Phantom lineup has moved toward the Mercurial. Same boot, with or without the collar. Easy to understand, but hard to choose!

Cyclone 360 Plate

Engineered to optimize traction, the Nike Cyclone 360 Plate underfoot is a game-changer for agility on the pitch. Pivot, turn, and accelerate with confidence, knowing that every move is supported by cutting-edge technology designed to enhance your performance. The Cyclone 360 Plate is the key to unlocking your full potential, allowing you to navigate the storm with ease.

Flyknit Mastery

For a close, comfortable fit that doesn't compromise on performance, the Phantom GX II and Luna II feature Flyknit technology. Access the laces for quick tying and experience a cleaner boot-to-ball connection. The comfort provided by Flyknit ensures that you stay focused on the game, even in the midst of the storm.

Mastering Control with Gripknit

The first element that sets the Phantom GX II and Luna II apart is the revolutionary Gripknit technology. The textured upper provides a level of grip that is unparalleled in football footwear. Whether you're passing, shooting, or dribbling, Gripknit ensures precise control, giving you the confidence to dominate every aspect of the game.

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