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New Balance | Touch and speed at its finest

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Perfect touch, control, comfort and let’s not forget speed. This is something that every baller wants to have. You can get all of these things with the new boots from New Balance - read more about them right here.

The New Balance boots are something special. Not only do they come in a new eye-catching colourway, but they also come with new tech upgrades. To help you become a better footballer. We will take a closer look at both Tekela and Furon, which both come with re-engineered techs. Besides the two boots in blue, New Balance are also launching a 442 boot and Audazo shoe in orange.

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New Balance Tekela 4+

The new Tekela 4+ is for the baller who sees three moves ahead, providing high quality touch and control, for you to bring your vision to life on the pitch. The boot offers a new re-engineered lightweight Hypoknit upper, which is designed to reduce the space between the foot and the ball. This helps you take total control of the ball with your touch being perfected. Though it’s not only the upper that got an upgrade. You might’ve heard about FuelCell before when reading about New Balance running shoes. This is something that is now added to their football boots to give the same comfort as if it was a running shoe and offers a propulsive feel during quick acceleration.

Last, but not least, the studs have also been given an upgrade. The studs on the Tekela 4+ have multi-directional conical stud configuration, which provides support for fast turns.

New Balance Furon 7+

The New Balance Furon 7+ is for the quick and precise attacking footballer. The boot provides total comfort at your top speed with its re-engineered Hypoknit upper and collar. You have never been more comfortable in top speed than with this new boot. The Furon 7+ is built for overall comfort and precise striking the game’s fastest moments. The boot is also constructed with off-set lacing, meaning that the laces are placed on the side of the boot. By doing this, a wider zone is created to help the striker become better when attacking. The Furon 7+ provides a lightweight and breathable feel with its re-engineered Hyperknit mesh collar, which is also designed to provide strategic areas of stretch and support.

Just like the Tekela 4+, the Furon 7+ also gave the studs an upgrade. The sole is made with a V-shaped stud configuration, which is made specifically for use on FG. Take a closer look at the eye-catching boot below.

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