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15 Years of Award Winning YouTube content

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Originating in 2009 with a vision beyond traditional retail, the channel aimed to build a global community centered on genuine passion and authentic experiences. Our essence lies in shared learning, celebrating the beauty of the game, and uniting football enthusiasts worldwide, regardless of skill level. The journey continues, not just as a channel but as a global hub fostering a universal passion for football. 15 years on YouTube, and we are only just getting started.

History of Unisport YouTube channel

In 2009, we at Unisport envisioned a path beyond the confines of a typical online retailer. The goal was not merely to sell football gear but to be a source of support and inspiration for football players worldwide. Inspired by the dynamic and authentic tone of the popular car show, Top Gear, we decided to adopt a similar approach in creating a YouTube channel - something unseen at the time.

The beginning of something big we aimed to recreate the successful recipe of the likes of Top Gear: genuine passion, authentic experiences, and a burst of personality. The idea was not just to be another online store but to create a community where football fans could find authentic content that went beyond showcasing products - and, equally important, create a bridge between the world of professional football and fans across the globe.

The very first video would feature Filip Domagala as the presenter, speaking in Unisport’s native Danish. The then CEO, and now Chairman of the Board at Unisport, shot the video in our former Unisport Store in Copenhagen. The video revolved around the Nike Mercurial Superfly boots, and although the content has evolved immensely over the years, from this day we saw signs of what would be the Unisport YouTube channel DNA, still present today.

This was the beginning of the journey in 2009, the YouTube channel was born, where the content revolved not just around the products but the experiences, stories, and the passion for football. Two media students were recruited to help with video production, aiming to capture the essence of football and make us more than just a retailer.

Weekends were dedicated to shooting in the store, and it was here that the panel of reviewers was established, much like the current Unisport Tastemaker program. JayMike applied and was selected as one of the first six in-house reviewers. His journey began with reviews, but his commitment and passion led him to become a regular presenter for the channel on a part-time basis.

A giant step carried by passion

2011 saw a big change in the for our YouTube channel: JayMike came in full time to dedicate himself to the channel. With his full-time commitment, the Danish content flourished, as the channel was still in Danish. JayMike and the rest of the team also got a dedicated studio, which marked a significant milestone, providing a space where creativity could thrive. The channel began taking shape, little by little.

Unifying football fans Worldwide

In 2013, we experienced a pivotal moment that saw the channel undergo a significant transformation. Recognizing that football is a passion we all share, no matter the language, Unisport decided to shift the channel's content from Danish to English.

The very first video in English featured newly-joined presenter Joltter reviewing the Diadora DD-NA, while JayMike would make a similar review in Danish. The first English-only review was the Hypervenom Phantom 1, a revolutionary football boot deserving of a worldwide audience. This would mark the start of the channel's content transitioning to English, symbolizing Unisport's ambition to establish itself as a global player in the realm of football content creation.

This shift was more than a linguistic adjustment; it embodied our grat commitment to connect with a broader, more diverse community of football enthusiasts from around the globe. JayMike and the team aimed to share their passion for the beautiful game with fans worldwide, fostering a more inclusive and international perspective. A place for everybody to gather the tools to realize their football dreams.

PWG and Luca join the team

The year 2015 marked another significant milestone in our history with the addition of two new presenters to the channel - PWG and Luca to the team. Renowned as one of the best football freestylers globally, PWG brought a unique and unparalleled skill set to the Unisport family.

PWG added a new level of excitement and expertise into the channel. His mastery of football freestyle, a dazzling combination of technical precision and artistic flair, elevated Unisport's content to new heights. Fans were treated to a mesmerizing display of ball control, innovative tricks, and a genuine passion for the sport.

The hiring of PWG not only enriched our Unisport content but also solidified the channel's commitment to showcasing diverse facets of football culture. His contributions played a pivotal role in making Unisport a go-to destination for enthusiasts seeking not only product insights but also a celebration of the sheer joy and creativity embedded in the beautiful game.

7MLC becomes a Unisport presenter

In 2019, we welcomed a new maestro to the team as 7MLC, Michael Lewis Cunningham, joined as a presenter, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the channel. Renowned for his focus on technical ability and dedication to helping players improve, 7MLC's addition marked a pivotal moment in our commitment to offering comprehensive football insights.

Known for his insightful tutorials and pro-level experience, 7MLC became a key figure in Unisport's content creation, offering viewers a unique perspective on honing their skills on the pitch. His videos went beyond showcasing football gear; they became invaluable guides for aspiring players looking to enhance their technical proficiency and overall gameplay.

William John signs with Unisport FC

2021 saw another important development as we proudly welcomed Will John, a seasoned professional footballer, to join the team as a presenter. With a wealth of global professional experience on the pitch, Will John brought a unique perspective to the channel, aiming to share insights, help aspiring players, and narrate compelling stories from his life as a professional footballer with a hint of his trademark humor sprinkled on top.

Will's focus on providing guidance and support aligned seamlessly with Unisport's commitment to offering diverse content that goes beyond product showcases. As a presenter, he aspires to be a mentor, offering valuable advice on various aspects of the game, from skill development to the mental aspects of being a professional athlete.

Pato and Lærke makes it five

2023 turned out to be a great leap in our journey towards diversity - as we welcomed their first Female presenter, or to be precise, two Female presenters. As they are both pro football players, playing in Sweden and Denmark, they offer a unique perspective to the Unisport team. Pato with her deep understanding in football culture, rooted in her own professional career. While Lærke brings youth and insight from being a youth International and championship winning professional.

These additions strengthen our commitment to representing diversity and bridging different parts of the football community. We continue to strive to be a place where everyone can feel welcome and find inspiration to pursue their passion for football.

A meeting point for the biggest stars

In the pursuit of providing viewers with unparalleled insights into the world of football, we have crossed paths with these iconic players, capturing moments that transcend the boundaries of ordinary content creation. Over the years, the channel has had the privilege of engaging with football royalty, including the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kylian Mbappé.

''When is was sitting there chatting and laughing with Cristiano Ronaldo, one of my childhood heroes, a player I’ve always liked being a Manchester United-fan - I said too myself: Remember to enjoy this'' - JayMike

In 2019, while being a Juventus player, JayMike had the privilege of meeting Cristiano Ronaldo. The interview, focused on the Nike Mercurial Superfly and Ronaldo's career, revealed a natural bond between the two. Thoughtful questions and insightful responses showcased a professional yet engaging conversation. It all ended in a bit of fun, when JayMike jokingly ‘punched’ CR7’s thigh. Rumour has it JayMike’s hand still hurts.

Meeting the Argentinian wizard

At Unisport, we take pride in being at the forefront of football content - which have also included meeting no other than Lionel Messi. Often regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, Messi has graced our presence on several occasions. These encounters have not only fueled our passion for the beautiful game but have also left an indelible mark on the Unisport family.

Whether it was being with the Wizard on the pitch, or sitting down for an intimate talk, has Messi left a deep mark in both JayMike & Jolter careers.

‘’There are too many great memories to pick out a single one, but the moments that are closest to my heart are those we have shared together with the Unisportlife community. Seeing people learn things from our tutorials and elevate their game hits close to home for me..’’ - PWG

One of the great memories we cherish is when PWG had the honor of teaching Bernardo Silva the art of the "Clipper". In this unique exchange, Silva's enthusiasm to expand his skill set and PWG's expertise merged, highlighting our commitment to fostering a community where football stars and enthusiasts come together for shared learning and celebration. This special moment encapsulates the essence of our mission at Unisport, where the beauty of the game is not just celebrated but shared and elevated. Where the passion of football is what unites us, no matter level of skill, knowledge or ability.