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Empowering Through Football: The Nagin Ravand Story and GLOBALL Initiative

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Nagin Ravand, a Danish-Afghan UEFA licensed football coach, embodies the spirit of resilience, passion and the pursuit of equality. Having emerged from her own challenging childhood to become a beacon of change in the world of football. Today, she spearheads the Globall project, an initiative dedicated to empowering girls and women from ethnic minority communities through football and the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 10.

Nagin’s Journey

Nagin's journey began when she fled Afghanistan as a child, seeking refuge in Denmark. Her love for football became a constant in her life, driving her to play at elite and amateur levels. Recognizing the need for equal access to the playing field, Nagin founded and directed several girls' and women's football departments in rural Denmark, using her voice and resources to break down barriers and empower female minorities in her community.

Nagin Ravand is not just a football enthusiast; she holds a degree in BSc. Education Science and is currently pursuing MSc. Criminology. Her dedication to changing the narrative about Muslim girls and women in sports has garnered multiple awards both nationally and internationally. Nagin aspires to become the first female Muslim leader in the international football structure, a testament to her commitment to breaking stereotypes and paving the way for others.

The GLOBALL story

GLOBALL is a project with a clear mission – to empower girls and women from ethnic minority communities through the game of football and SDG number 10, which focuses on reducing inequalities. The project is driven by the belief that every girl should have the right to play football without facing racism, discrimination, or structural barriers.

GLOBALL's inception is rooted in the love of football and the fight for justice. The initiative aims to be a catalyst for change, asserting that it only takes one ball, one coach, and one player to spark a revolution through representation. Starting in communities where the need is most significant, GLOBALL envisions a ripple effect that will eventually impact the world.

The ultimate purpose of GLOBALL is to create a future in which every girl and woman can realize their potential through football. By serving as an incubator for females from ethnic minority backgrounds, GLOBALL is paving the way for a diverse generation of female football ambassadors and role models.

"If you see her, you believe you can be her - or even do better." - Nagin Ravand, Founder of GLOBALL.

The SELF-Programme

GLOBALL operates through its sustainable SELF-Programme: Sisterhood, Education, Leadership & Football. This comprehensive approach recognizes the multifaceted nature of empowerment, combining the power of sisterhood, education, leadership development, and the universal language of football. GLOBALL is not just about scoring goals on the field; it's about scoring goals in life.


Each year Globall develops 11 international football ambassadors who will become the face and future of football in their local areas. The first generation of female football ambassadors in Denmark have already completed the one year long Globall Academy and are now ready to conquer the world of football as leaders and role models. The Academy is based on Globall's original SELF-Programme and is tailored to meet the needs of the hand picked ambassadors. A number of this year's cohort of ambassadors have already levelled up their game by becoming coaches and leaders in local football clubs.