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Sustainable choice | Nike launches national team kits

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It’s here! the national kits that you’ve been waiting for - Nike are launching their 2024 national kits. More sustainable than ever before.

Introducing the new Dri-Fit ADV

Nike are launching the Dri-Fit ADV, a revolutionary technology designed to keep athletes dry and cool during crucial moments. It utilizes cutting-edge data capture to optimize breathability and mobility zones, tailored to the needs of modern athletes. With a minimum of 55% recycled polyester in all materials used, it is Nike's most environmentally conscious kit ever created.

Norway - Inspired by Strength

Crafted from history and steel, the Norway 2024 Home kit creates a new era of heroes. Featuring a modern flag design with a sword motif, metallic elements, and the logo "Stronger Together." The Away kit reflects unity and strength, with a distinctive print inspired by the Arctic Circle and Northern Lights. The collar also pays tribute to the nation's heritage with the logo "Stronger Together."

Portugal - Inspired by Passion

The Portugal 2024 Home kit honors tradition while adding a modern twist, inspiring fans and paying homage to the country's heritage. The Away kit showcases Portugal's architectural beauty with a unique blue mosaic tile design, connecting players and supporters to home while on the road. Both kits feature a stylish font on the inside collar, symbolizing the team's proud past and future aspirations.

England - Inspired by Greatness

The England 2024 Home kit updates tradition with a modern twist, featuring purple cuff trim inspired by legends' training gear. The vibrant mix of red and blue hues and playful St George flag on the collar bring fans together in a fresh way. The England 2024 Away Kit reinvents past iconic designs with a bold purple shirt that combines elements of traditional blue and red kits. Colorful side panels reflect the country's fashion-forward culture, while the St George flag on the collar adds a unique touch of style.

France - Inspired by Diversity

The France 2024 kits pay tribute to past legends and celebrate diversity on the field. The Home kit features a nod to multicultural France teams of the 1980s, symbolizing unity with the Tricolore on the collar. The Away kit mirrors the colors of the flag with pinstripes and honors past heroes with an oversized crest. Both kits inspire unity with a message and logo on the inside collar.

Croatia - Inspired by Family

Bonded by their passion and joy, the Croatia 2024 Home kit unites the team in a strong connection from start to finish. The iconic red and white checks have been revamped with larger squares, creating a flag-like design on the stands and field. The collar features a logo symbolizing family unity, while a ribbed polo collar adds a touch of style. Drawing inspiration from past successes, the Croatia 2024 Away kit modernizes a classic look to inspire players and fans to dream big. The slanted checks on the Away shirt pay tribute to the 1998 heroes, with a return to blue reflecting the colors of the national flag. The collar logo symbolizes the familial bond between the team and their supporters.

Netherlands - Inspired by Energy

The Netherlands' 2024 Home kit features a vibrant and creative design in iconic orange, with engineered knit construction and a bright Liteflex crest. The collar includes a modern graphic crown for unity and inspiration. The Netherlands' 2024 Away kit showcases strength and courage with a sleek geometric pattern in three shades of blue, accented with touches of orange and lion-inspired graphics. The collar includes a graphic crown symbolizing unity and inspiration for the team.

Turkey - Inspired by Stars

The 2024 Türkiye Home kit honors a century of the Crescent Stars, while the red band pays tribute to the team's early days. The Türkiye 2024 Away kit showcases the nation's strength in big games, with the red color representing the Red Flag. Both kits feature the nation's name to inspire today's talented stars.

Poland - Inspired by Togetherness

The Poland 2024 Home kit pays homage to traditional white and red colors with a contemporary makeover, featuring a stylish red ribbed polo collar. The oversized crest and Polish Football Federation logo on the back collar symbolize unity and inspiration for the national team. The Poland 2024 Away kit reinvents the country's iconic red color with a sleek and futuristic design. A dynamic gradient effect created by three layered red tones sets a new standard for Poland's away attire. Like the home kit, the away kit features the crest and Polish Football Federation logo to encourage the national team to soar to new heights.

Rest of the World

Brazil - Inspired by Flair

The Brazil 2024 Home kit honors the country's heritage with symbols like music, macaws, and iconic landmarks on a classic yellow background. The CBF crest is prominently displayed, reminiscent of the legendary '04 kit. The Brazil 2024 Away Kit blends local nature and textiles in a vibrant print, with players' names in a new Brazilian art-inspired font. The design pays tribute to Brazil's beaches with a wave motif inspired by traditional textiles.

USA - Inspired by Unity

The 2024 USA Home Kit has a modern twist on a classic design with bold details, perfect for game-changing moments. The home shirt features a red, white, and blue graphic rib design on the collar and cuffs, along with a single star and inspiring message inside. The USA 2024 Away Kit brings the colors of the Stars and Stripes into the future with a unique design inspired by the team's history. The away shirt sports a sash design reminiscent of the 1950s, updated with a gradient of stripes and a fresh color balance, also featuring a single star and message inside the collar.

South Korea - Inspired by Artistry

The Korea 2024 Home and Away kits draw upon the country's rich artistic traditions to inspire a new generation of football excellence. The Home kit features a vibrant red design inspired by traditional architectural artwork, while the Away kit pays tribute to Korea's artisans with a sleek black base and pearlescent accents reminiscent of pearl lacquerware. Both kits feature a claw-mark effect wordmark inspired by the Tigers of Asia, symbolizing the balance between tradition and progress.

Nigeria - Inspired by Naija

Nigeria's 2024 Home Kit features a bold design with white as the primary color, showcasing an eagle and NAIJA logo. The unique boxed neckline, green and black seams, and red Swoosh add style to the overall look. The Away kit celebrates the fusion of football and culture with a modern black and green design. The two-tone green seam blending with black highlights movement and energy, capturing Nigeria's unique style. Both kits ignite the passion and spirit of 'Naija' football.