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Furon V7 ‘Synced’ | New Balance x Unisport collab

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The collab that you didn’t know you needed is here! New Balance and Unisport have made an eye-catching collaboration on a Furon boot! This is one for the collectors Let’s have a closer look at it.

New Balance X Unisport Furon ‘Synced’

The boot is made with the player in mind, therefore the name ‘Synced’. Why is that, do you think? Let me tell you. When players are intertwined, they can be said to be ‘in sync’ as one team heading in one direction. The word ‘Sync’ captures players, community and Matching with team, and that is why NB and Unisport choose this name for the boot.

The ribbon-like design on the boots could be seen as representing the synchronized movements of players on the pitch. Similar to Flow, players were immediately able to see how Sync connected the players wearing them. New Balance and Unisport brings all of this together with the community feeling. The naming is short, snappy, easy to understand and clearly illustrates the importance of being connected with your teammates and being part of football culture. And hey, maybe we’ll see some professional players in the boots - who knows.

The boots will be extremely limited with only 250 boots worldwide - so this is really one for boot collectors or just for someone who loves awesome collabs! The boots will be available in all our stores: Copenhagen, Paris, Stockholm and Oslo.