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30 years of innovation | adidas Predator 94

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Only a few boots have reached the iconic status the Predator has. They transcend generations of footballers, evoking memories of iconic moments and legendary players. A boot that has written its name in the books of football history since its inception in 1994. Now, in 2024, adidas is set to ignite the flames of nostalgia with the release of the adidas Predator 94, a limited edition homage to its iconic predecessor. Learn more about it here!

Pushing the Boundaries

What makes the Adidas Predator 94 captivating is its faithful recreation of the original Predator from 1994. The essence of the classic boot is preserved, with features like the reptile leather upper and the distinctive rubber patches adorning its surface. However, adidas has not just replicated history; they have elevated it. The Predator 94 boasts enhancements in materials and detailing, marrying traditional aesthetics with contemporary craftsmanship.

The adidas Predator 94 is the best of both worlds - retro look with modern technology. The upper of the Predator 94 features Fusionskin leather, a fusion of tradition and innovation. This blend ensures a harmonious marriage of classic aesthetics and modern performance, offering both style and functionality on the pitch.The full-length Controlframe 2.0 outsole of the Predator 94 proudly displays the iconic Predator eyes, a symbol synonymous with dominance and precision across pitches worldwide. This subtle yet powerful detail adds a touch of nostalgia to every stride, reminding wearers of the boot's storied heritage.

Highly Limited

The exclusivity of the Adidas Predator 94 cannot be overstated. With only 1994 pairs available worldwide, this limited edition release ensures that each pair becomes a rare and cherished possession for football boot collector. The deliberate choice of producing such a small quantity pays homage to the boot's birth year, 1994, while amplifying its significance and desirability. This few units guarantees that those fortunate enough to secure a pair are not just purchasing boots but acquiring a piece of football history, making the adidas Predator 94 a true collector's item.