Unisportstore presents Trusox - no more slipping within your boots

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Trusox have already made their way onto the feet of numerous stars in the English Premier League. Are you tired of blisters? Are you tired of slipping within your boots? If yes, you might want to focus your attention right here.

Football has evolved at a rapid pace, and the speed of the game has increased as well. Even the slightest advantage can make a huge difference, and this is where Trusox really become relevant. A simple product that can solve multiple very frequent issues among football players, such as; blisters, slipping within your boots, as well as, losing pitch grip because you don't feel that you have a firm stance. We have created a brand new Trusox campaign site, where you can find out everything about these exciting new socks.

Football socks today are often made from synthetic materials relying heavily on nylon. Nylon socks are known to be more smooth, compared to cotton socks, and may have a tendency to slip or slide in the boot. This is due to a lack of friction between the sole of the boot and the sock. Hereby, you lose both control and stability, as well as, waste a lot of energy. In addition, a lot of modern football boots come with inlay soles, that are often rather smooth and slippery - which also decreases the friction between boot and sock.

Trusox are targeting these exact issues, and the list of players who support the product is long. To mention a few we have: Adebayor, Lennon, Tiote, Ba, Fellaini, among others. Trusox are equipped with non-slip pads both on the outside and the inside, which creates better friction between foot and sock, as well as, sock and boot. The result is a much more significant feeling of your foot and boot becoming one, and you will quickly experience the feeling of a better grip.

Imagine running with regular socks on a tile floor and you want to change direction. This is not the easiest thing to do. Your feet will slip before you will have a proper grip - this is exactly where Trusox come in. When you want to change direction with your football boots, your foot will move, both within the sock and the boot before you get a firm stand, but this simple technology can bring an end to this exact issue. You gain valuable seconds, and you save yourself from getting blisters.

Not only does Trusox reduce the likelihood of getting blisters and increase your comfort, they also help you to improve your performance. You get to stand more firmly in your boots and the power transfer will be optimised, as you do not waste time and energy slipping about in your boots. Having the right equipment is all important these days, and Trusox are definitely worth giving a try. We have just received them in our warehouse, but you need to be quick if you want to be sure to get a pair.

In order to get the full advantage of Trusox, it is important that you have direct contact between both your bare foot and the sock, as well as, the sock and your football boot. In other words, the sock will not work properly if you wear another sock under or on top of your Trusox. Therefore, we recommend that you wear your Trusox the same way as the Premier League stars - by cutting off the foot of your regular football sock, and then put it on as you normally would wear it. You will need a bit of sock tape to keep the socks in place and ensure that they do not slip in your boots while playing.

It will arrive in 3 different version at first; Cushion Pro, Thin light and Long. Trusox Cushion Pro is the standard version, and the one that the professionals usually prefer for matches. This model has extra lining in the foot to increase the comfort, which you will feel right away. it also comes in a Trusox Thin Light without lining, which the pros use to break in new boots, when the boots haven't quite adapted to the feet yet. Last but not least, is the Trusox Long, with lining as the Cushion pro, but has a longer shaft similar to a regular tennis sock.

To find out more about the new Trusox, and get an overview of the exciting selection, we have made a campaign site. Check out the site right here, where you will find everything from wallpapers to sock tape, and of course, Trusox.

We have been looking forward to reveal Trusox and we feel confident that they will be an instant hit. What do you think? Does it sound exciting? Is it something for you? We would love to hear your opinion, so please feel free to share it with us in the comment field just below