adidas Ultra Boost

The revolutionary adidas Boost technology

The German company is arguably one of the biggest sports brand worldwide and one of adidas’ most popular shoe is the adidas Ultra Boost. These sneakers and trainers are recognised with the distinctive three stripes on the sides and unique designs. adidas has to be a few steps ahead, if the company wants to retain their position and this is where Boost has been a huge gamechanger for them.

If you are a sneakerhead or simply into the sneaker game, then you most likely know about the super soft and springy Boost sole from the adidas Boost series. The technology was actually not developed inside adidas but by one of the biggest chemical producer in the world, called Badische Anilin & Soda Fabrik (BASF). The super light and comfortable material is made from its pure form, thermoplastic polyurethane also known as TPU. The material is the same size as Tic-Tacs, and researchers discovered that when it was combined with heat and compression it would bounce back to its original shape relatively quickly. In other words, the material gives you an improved and soft absorption with a better energy return while running or walking. Energy return is a buzzword used related to footwear that can improve your running, jumping, sprinting and so on.

adidas Ultra Boost sneakers

2015 adidas changed the sneaker game with the first adidas Ultra Boost featured a primeknit upper and a full-length Boost sole. With this shoe, you can expect a very good and solid fit for your feet with unique cushioning properties. These innovative features helps you to stay comfortable through your workout, run or in casual occasions. The company kept the audience occupied by making huge variations of the Ultra Boost in different combinations and colorways. This particular adidas shoe is by far one of the most selling shoe they have made and here at Unisport we strive to offer you as many Boost options as possible, whether it should be adidas running shoes or adidas ultra boost sneakers, both for adults and kids.

Even though the Ultra Boost became the benchmark for Boost sneakers and streetwear, adidas began to team-up with the famous rapper Kanye West. The American rapper has a big role regarding the Ultra Boost series. Kanye West performed at the Music Awards wearing the adidas Ultra Boost all-white, and from that moment the shoe became even more popular. He has a huge fan base and is a big fashion influencer when it comes to the streetwear industry. There is no question that his admiration of the adidas Ultra Boost made it more attractive, and also by having his own sneaker line Yeezys, with the Boost technology.

adidas Ultra Boost 19

We have seen quite a few generations of the Ultra Boost series but the adidas Ultra Boost 19 is one of a kind. This particular model is featured with materials and technologies that makes your running days even more comfortable and enjoyable. The whole one-piece upper is crafted with Primeknit 360 that gives you a snug fit wrapped around your foot providing an enhanced support and lightweight feeling. Also the heel part is providing you with great support and strength from the 3D Heel Frame. The final touch of the adidas Ultra Boost 19, are the 20% more added Boost on the midsole which means the comfort is truly enhanced and the return of energy is also improved. More energy, more responsive, more comfort and more support are all added in these adidas Ultra Boost 19. Maybe the perfect running shoes out there.

adidas Predator trainer

Our assortment offers different shoe styles featuring the Boost technology. The adidas Predator was first seen on the football pitch, and adidas has now made it possible to wear it outside of it. Welcoming the adidas Predator trainer series, with some unique designs such as laceless and Primecut. The adidas silhouette is the extended “sock” that ensures the perfect fit, stability and comfort. The technology works by improving the touch between the ankle and the shoe. These unique looking shoes can be worn in many occasions whether you’re into futsal, street football or just casual wear for everyday use. A few world-class footballers like, Paul Pogba, Mesut Özil and Ivan Rakitic has rocked the adidas Predator with style. Don’t forget that we have different variations of the adidas Predator series in all kinds of colors and design.

adidas Pure Boost

adidas made the Pure Boost PDR collection for the runners. PDR stands for Deconstructed Pure Racer and this is a great option for your next run or race. The whole upper of the shoe is made of Primeknit that gives you a close fit and more flexibility, almost like a sock. This provides a better connection to the ground so it’s comfortable no matter the obstacles. The adidas Pure Boost also features Fitcounter which is pieces of plastic placed on the heels to ensure that your achilles tendon is more stable. Last but not least, the shoes comes with Boost soles to complete the comfort.

adidas running shoes

In 2012 adidas unveiled their first Boost technology to the world. The Energy Boost running shoe was introduced with the Boost midsole that no one has seen before. The German company made a huge impact for runners, and have ever since modernized and developed different shoes for different kinds of lifestyles. Here at Unisport you can expect to find loads of adidas running shoes in different sizes for adults and kids. These shoes are among the most comfortable on the market, and with a light-weighted Primeknit upper, it gives you maximum breathability, while also adjusting itself to your feet.

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If you are looking for a unique design and incredible comfort, then here is the place to get it. At our adidas Ultra Boost shop you can pick your own Boost-soled shoe, whether it’s for running, sports, fitness or everyday use. We can assure you that you won’t regret it, once you have tried a pair of adidas with the Boost technology. So pick your size and choose your favorite adidas Ultra Boost online here at Unisport.