Top 5 protections hacks | Learn how to protect yourself even better!


Written by Zlatko

Have you often been kicked into pieces after a match, just like JayMike? Then he has made this Top 5 list about the five best protection hacks. This might help you to get more protection, and if you are a small person like Jay, then it might make sense to read along and getting some inspiration. So, with that being said let’s see what JayMike has in store for us.

Some might say that the only thing you need to play football is shin pads, and if you wear more than this then you’re just a wimp! Let’s be honest, the protection gear is quite nice to use and have around, and who wouldn’t enjoy coming home from a game and not have scratched skin, fractured bones or losing a toe nail!?

5. Teeth guard

Inspired by the world of boxing, and you might already now think ‘Wait a minute, this is football’. It might also seem a bit stupid to go out and through punches in a match. But if you are a fighter, then it could get in handy when going into duels. There could always be a risk of getting an elbow or foot in the head, which damages your mouth or teeth. If you are the unlucky guy, and still want to keep you pretty smile for after the match, then this could be a handy investment. And yeah, who wouldn’t like to look like a badass Heurelho Gomes?

4. Slider shorts

Moving on to the next one! The slider shorts might be a more common product to use during a football match. The slider shorts are very nice to have if you love to slide into tackles. But they are also nice to have while playing on hard and rough surfaces with a lot of friction. You will often get that burning sensation while doing a sliding tackle and the slider shorts might get in handy and prevent the bruises and red thighs. Some slider shorts even have some protective and rough pads which prevents the frictions, making it able for you to go full Sergio Ramos mode in the defense!

3. Macure padded tape

The third place on the list is kinda a funny one! In general, any kind of tape would do the trick here, but the nice thing about the Macure tape is that it has a soft padding that makes it feel more dampened. This is something that you would use to prevent getting blisters. But JayMike also uses this for his toes, which he often bangs against the tip of the boot and this gives him blue nails.

But if you don’t have Macure tape, or any other tape around, then you can also get creative, take a look at the video below to get some inspiration on what you can do!

2. Ankle/leg guards

These could also get in handy for when being an attacker or winger. If you are as fast as JayMike, then the only way defenders are going to stop you is by clipping your ankles off. And for some this might be the worst feeling on earth when playing football. But luckily for JayMike and you guys, these leg guars will help you! JayMike often gets kicked on the ankles and the ankle guards take some of the impact due to the padded areas which will keep your anklebone protected from the ugly tackles. If you decide to go for a full leg guard, then you will also be able to keep you shin pads in place!

Once again, if you don’t have the money to get yourself the ankle or leg guads, then JayMike gives another creative way to make your own leg guards.

1. Shin pads

You might already have guessed what’s on the first place! It’s important to get a good pair of shin pads, for the best possible protection. They come in different price ranges, shapes and sizes, and it all comes to finding the pair of shin pads that you feel most comfortable in! Some really don’t fancy shin pads and uses the smallest and cheapest they can find. While some really enjoys the protections that the shin pads offer and goes for quality shin pads. JayMike has experienced his share of broken legs, and he doesn’t want that to happen to him, so he goes for his all-time favourite shin pads to get the protection he needs! So, if you want to keep your legs safe, then get some high-end shin pads made of quality materials which gives you a higher level of protection.

Are you interested in seeing what products JayMike recommends for the protection, or even seeing his worth-mentioning list of protection gear. Then have a look at the video below for some awesome products and tips!

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