Shin pads

Football shin pads

As a football fan, you probably already know, that a shin pad, also known as a shin guard, is a football equipment worn on the front of a player’s shin to protect them from injuries. But did you know, that the shin pad was inspired by the concept of a greave? For those who doesn’t know, a greave is a piece of armor, which was, like the shin pad, used to protect the shin, this was back in ancient times. Back then, the material was made of bronze and other hard material – luckily for us, a lot has happened with the choice of material, and we constantly see the technology develop.

Nike shin pads

Are you also a Nike fanatic, and in need of a pair of new Nike shin pads, then you’ve come to the right place. Unisport offer a wide selection of Nike shin pads, all in different colourways, shin pads with and without socks, in different sizes and from different clubs and national teams. Most of the shin pads are made of EVA foam for shock protection, and a durable K-resin shell. All you have to do, is pick the shin pad that fit your needs, make your order and prepare yourself for battle on the football field. You can also see our full collection of Nike shin pads

adidas shin pads

Adidas is arguably one of the biggest football brands in the world – adidas has for many years been a synonym for quality and innovation. And when it comes to shin pads, adidas had made no exception. Our big selection of adidas shin pads consists of some of the best shin pads on the market. Whether you like your shin pads with sock or without sock, like your shin pads in a single or various colourways, or whether you like small or big sized shin pads, adidas deliver. You just have to pick your favorite pair, make an order and become the warrior of your dreams on the football field. See our full collection of adidas shin pads

PUMA shin pads

Do you also love PUMA equipment? Stay protected on the football field and buy a pair of PUMA shin pads. The PUMA shin pad is for the powerful player, who’s not afraid of being the leader on the team and make the big tackles, while laughing at the opponent with a fearless look. Our PUMA shin pads are made of a hard shell and light EVA foam, which gives you extra protection.

Kids shin pads

As a kid who just started playing football, a pair of shin pads, besides football boots, is probably the most important football equipment to wear. If you, as a kid, played football yourself, you know how fearsome, but unfortunately, at the same time, also a bit challenged, when it comes to body movement, most kids are. Every kid wants the ball, and every kid has only eyes on the target, forgetting their surroundings, both in terms of opponents as well as teammates. Their eye for the price approach, unfortunately often results in clashes, and kicks, which results in crying kids. As a parent you want to avoid exactly that, and the solution is kids shin pads. At Unisport you can find a wide selection of kids shin pads, in different colourways, shin pads with and without socks, and from some of the biggest football brands in the world. Just make your choice, and prepare your kid – Remember, safety first.

Which shin pad should I pick?

As you probably already figured, shin pads comes in a wide variety of sizes, and of course price ranges. But which shin pad should you get. Here are some small tips based on positions on the field.

Defenders typically wants to play in the largest shin pads. This is due to their responsibilities on the football field. Defenders main job on the field, often consists of tackling and blocking, making them a bit more exposed. Therefore, they normally also want to wear extra ankle protection, and may have pads that stretch from the ankle to nearly the knee.

The job of a midfielder can vary. A midfielder can be an attacking or a defending midfielder. That is also why, the size of shin pads for midfielders vary a lot. An attacking midfielder, often pick a smaller shin pad that still have a bit of weight to them, whereas a defending midfielder often go for a bigger shin pad, a bit like the defender.

Strikers will typically pick a light shin pad that are fairly minimal in size. Again, this depends on the responsibilities within the team’s formation. If you play the role of striker with defensive responsibilities, a choice could be the same shin pack as for an attacking midfielder.

With that being said, there is no rule stating that you cannot pick a larger shin pad as a striker, and a smaller shin pad as a defender. We recommend you to get the shin pad you find coolest, most comfortable and fits your need the best.

Now, all you have to do, is pick your favorite shin pad, make your order and prepare for battle. And remember, if you have further questions, you are always more than welcome to contact our customer service.