Top 5 goalkeeper gloves of 2018 | See the list and get inspired


Written by Zlatko

The first thing you might think when seeing the list and video is “JayMike, you aren’t a goalkeeper”, and you're absolutely right! But what you may not know is that our very own JayMike actually started out between the sticks. For this video, he teamed-up with some goalkeeper friends to get the best possible overview of gloves and to give you the Top 5 best goalkeeper gloves! Try making your own Top 5 list before reading this, to see how many you guessed right!

Before we head into our list, we just have to keep some things in mind. While there are many different goalkeeper gloves to choose from it’s a very personal opinion on what’s good. There might also be some smaller brands out there, that actually make better gloves than the ones on the list, and are just perfect for you! But no matter what, you're definitely going to get a lot of bang for the buck, with the gloves on our list!

5. Sells Total Contact Elite

This glove is just a straight up no-nonsense glove which performs. The Sells Total Contact Elite glove is a nice padded glove because of the memory-foam on the inside, you also get Sells’ absolute latex which really excels in wet conditions. The most interesting thing about the glove is the Hybrid Cut. The gloves feature a rollfinger cut on the top of the fingers, and a flat cut on the middle of the fingers and sides - this gives the gloves a large handling area without getting too bulky. The wrist band, cuff and backhand are also very nice and only add to the glove to make it a good all-rounder!

4. adidas Predator Trans Pro

In fourth place we find the adidas Predator Trans Pro, a glove that has an amazingly tight fit combined with a comfortable Primeknit backhand, that offers a very personal fit. The adidas Predator Trans Pro has a very nice and solid wrist strap, which also offers you a personal fit and stability by adjusting the strap. The EVO ZONE latex is one of the best latexes when it comes to grip after you’ve washed the glove. But unfortunately, the durability is another story and isn’t as good as the other top gloves on the list.

3. Uhlsport SPEED UP Supergrip Bionik+

We’re going to step things up now with the Uhlsport SPEED UP Supergrip Bionik+ that features a flat cut. This could be one of the best match gloves out there made from the bigger brands. The glove offers a very solid balance between a pleasant fit, a comfortable backhand made from mesh, and the grip! The glove might offer one of the best grips on the market thanks to Ulhsport's Supergrip latex. If you wash the latex right you will get some top bracket grip that’s seriously impressive. The gloves give you top-level comfort, security from the solid strap and also grip for days!

2. Reusch Supreme G3 Fusion

The Reusch Supreme G3 Fusion is slightly wide, so they are great if you're a goalkeeper with big hands! The latex from Reusch is top-notch and might not be as grippy as the Supergrip or EVO ZONE latex, but it makes up for this with durability. The glove performs very well in wet conditions, due to the small blue wet weather granulates on the latex. One of the nicest features of the gloves is the Duo roll expanse cut. The latex is rolled around the thumb and little finger but features enlarged fingers on the middle fingers, which gives a larger handling surface and makes you feel like you have an extra finger. Furthermore, the debossed palm makes the maneuverability of the glove even better.

1. Uhlsport Tensiongreen Supergrip

This glove is just worth every little penny that you spend on it. Uhlsport Tensiongreen Supergrip offers a tight fit and the Supergrip latex which performs well in both wet and dry conditions, as long as you remember to wash them right - but you already knew that, right? The flat cut on the two middle fingers offers a nice catching surface, while the rolled thumb, index and little finger, offer you control when handling the ball. The latex is the best of the best, and the neoprene backhand offers the mobility that you need, there is not really much to say.

So, that’s our Top 5 of goalkeeper gloves on the market right now! Some solid gloves out there, but once again, keep in mind that it’s really a personal opinion and you have to find the gloves that are the most comfortable for you. Fancy learning and seeing more about the gloves? Check out the video with JayMike for some more geeky tech-talk!