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A goalkeeper glove selection like no other

Are you looking for goalkeeper gloves, then you’ve come to the right place. Our selection consists of 100+ different goalkeeper gloves from the biggest sports brands in the world. You will find goalkeeper gloves in various price ranges, both cheap and more exclusive, absolute top models. Furthermore, we offer kids goalkeeper gloves, and of course, also gloves for adults. We offer modern goalkeeper gloves which are highly innovative and gives a lot of exciting technologies, and of course also more classic gloves. If you are looking for a little additional finger protection, then we also offer various goalkeeper gloves with fingersave, also known as Hand Guard or Finger support.

Let’s have a deeper look into our selection of goalkeeper gloves.

Nike goalkeeper gloves

Unisport offer a selection of 25+ Nike goalkeeper gloves. So if you also are a Nike fanatic, have no doubt, we have the Nike goalkeeper glove for you. Our selection of Nike goalkeeper gloves consists of various colourways, for both kids and adults, in different price ranges and with different technologies. One of the top models from Nike is the Mercurial Touch Elite which is probably best suited for the experienced goalkeeper who won´t go down on equipment. But are you just started playing the position of a goalkeeper, or are you just looking for a cheaper and more classic solution, Nike still has a ton of options. Most importantly, what they all have in common, is a very good grip, which is probably the most essential part of a goalkeeper glove.

Adidas goalkeeper gloves

If you are all about adidas, and if you are looking for goalkeeper gloves, then don’t look anymore. Unisport offers a selection of 25+ adidas goalkeeper gloves, and we guarantee, there is a glove for you. Adidas has for many years been associated with quality and colorfulness, and when it comes to their goalkeeper gloves, adidas have made no exception. The adidas top model is without a doubt the adidas Predator goalkeeper glove. The Predator has always been the frontrunner for goalkeeper gloves, and for every new launch, adidas has introduced some new incredible technologies. So are you also looking for one of the best goalkeeper gloves on the market, then we can definitely recommend the Predator. Are you on the other hand looking for something a bit more traditional, adidas offer you the goalkeeper glove named Classic. What both models have in common is a crazy good grip for optimal ball control and a good fit. Lastly, our adidas goalkeeper glove selection addresses both kids' goalkeeper gloves and gloves for adults, all in different price ranges and in various colourways.

Kids goalkeeper gloves

Since goalkeepers or goalies come in all sizes and ages, we, at Unisport, have of course assembled a selection of kids' goalkeeper gloves. Our wide selection of kids goalkeeper gloves consists of 25+ gloves, from some of the biggest and well-known sports brands in the world, from Nike, adidas, PUMA, Select and much more. In our kids' selection, you will find gloves with negative cut, flat cut and gloves with fingersave, and of course in various colourways. Get your kids' goalkeeper gloves at Unisport.

Fingersave goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper gloves with fingersave have experienced an increase in popularity, especially among young goalkeepers. But what is fingersave for goalkeeper gloves? Fingersave, also known as finger protection, is basically a feature that protects your fingers. Fingersave often consists of individual inserts for each finger, except the thumb. But do you need fingersave? That is of course up to each individual. If you often experience finger injuries, we will definitely recommend fingersave. What we often see, is that many young goalkeepers prefer fingersave. This is due to their fingers and hands not being developed 100%, whereas older goalkeepers chose the flexibility and ball control as their hands and fingers are much stronger compared to youngsters, and they, therefore, don’t need that extra protection.

History of the Goalkeeper

Are you also interested in learning a bit more about the history of the goalkeeper? Then keep reading. As you probably already know, the goalkeeper is one of the major and one of the most specialized positions on the football field. Football, like many other sports, has experienced changes in tactics resulting in the elimination of different positions on the field, but this has not been the case for the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the only position on the field that is certain to have existed, in one way or another, since the invention of the sport of football. But even though the position of a goalkeeper has always existed, the rules for the goalkeepers have changed a lot. Take for example the rule that was implemented in 1992, which stated that “the keeper may not handle the ball after it has been deliberately kicked to him/her by a team-mate”. This rule was implemented to avoid the time-wasting technique, where teams played the ball back and forth to the goalkeeper for the purpose of wasting time. Another rule was implemented in 1997 for the exact same purpose, as it was stated that “the keeper may not handle the ball for more than six seconds”.

These changes highlight, that we are constantly seeing a change in the sport, with the purpose of making the sport more viewer-friendly.

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