Top 5 Nike World Cup commercials


Written by Zlatko

Saving the world from clones, battling to stay on a abandoned ship or trying not to get caught by the security people in an airport. All of these scenarios seems unlikely to happen in your everyday life, unless you are Nike athlete and going to play in the World Cup!

Everytime a World Cup draws closer, a new Nike commercial also pops-up. We haven't seen the 2018 World Cup commercial yet, but to celebrate the World Cup we have made this Top 5 of the best World Cup commercials from Nike. Keep in mind that Nike has also made other great commercials, which we haven’t included due to they weren’t a World Cup commercial!

5 - World Cup 1994

This commercial could be the start of the Nike World Cup commercial. In the 90’s the big Nike star was Cantona, and he also starred in this commercials. You could argue that the graphics aren’t the best at the time, which we are going to see have improved a lot throughout the years. But the commercial itself expresses the World Cup feeling. A ball flies in the air towards the first athlete which is Cantona, from there he sends the ball to berlin where Schulz receives and shots the ball to the next athlete. Other famous players such as a young Maldini, Romario, Wright, Bebeto also starred in the short commercial, before it ends with Campos goes for the save. Get nostalgic by watching the add below.

4 - World Cup 2014

The 2014 World Cup commercial was a bit different than other commercials Nike has made. The commercial was made as an animation film with the top athletes at the moment. To make it more interesting Nike also had a great storyline where the players such, Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Ibrahimovic, Rooney and other players had to save football in the last ever match against their own clones. Football was become to unpredictable, so an evil genius has made clones who you could predict on not to make mistakes and unpredictable things, making the beautiful game boring. With the lead of Ronaldo R9, as the crew leader, he gathers the athletes back to save football by risking everything on the pitch. See the amousing commercial right below here.

3 - World Cup 1998

This one might be my personal favourite due to all the memories! The Brazilian squad is waiting for the flight to arrive, but it is constant delayed. But what do you do when you're bored? You just grab your football from the bag and start having fun. The quality of graphics and special effects have drastically improved since the 1994 commercial. We see the Brazilian players with full of joy and skills, while the security people aren’t to fond of them running around and trying to stop them. Even though Cantona has retired playing football Nike still gets room for him in the video. Enjoy watching joga bonito in the video and get all your childhood memories back!

2 - World Cup 2010

Deciding which one to put on the first place is hard and might be decided by very small factors of once again personal memories! The 2010 commercial is one of the better commercials from Nike. Nike used a lot of great players giving them their own unique story in the commercial. You see all from Drogba almost making Ivory Coast explode of joy and happiness to Cannavaro who saves the ball on the line and gets his very own dance and song by the famous Italian singer Bobby Solo. But you can’t ignore the fun angle they have taken to the commercial while also inspiring young people to write their own future! Oh! And we mustn't forget the World Cup boots, try looking on Drogba’s feet at the start where he is rocking the Mercurial Vapor Superfly II Elite boots!

1 - World Cup 2002

’A little less conversation, a little more action, please!’ This verse might tell the whole story of the best Nike World Cup commercial ever. Sailing towards an abandoned ship with Cantona as the host, we see the players battle to stay on the ship, and avoiding to get knocked-out of the 3v3 tournament. There is only one rule: First goal win! Young Henry and Ronaldinho, Edgar Davids, Figo, Maldini and many other legends participates in this epic commercial which is filled with action and show-off. Man, I can still remember copying this commercial with the original commercial match ball. Please make the ball happen again Nike!