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Written by Zlatko

Marseille is known for more than just football. It was the city where the football fashion started from. Marseille’s new kits were launched last week, and now we are ready to run through their training apparel.

To celebrate the new collaboration between PUMA and Marseille, a new collection of training apparel was made to compliment the new stunning Marseille kits, which were inspired by the sea. The same inspiration has been used on the training apparel, giving you a complete look, when you combine the match kits with the training gear.

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Football plays a big deal in Marseille and their fans are some of the most passionate and wildest supporters in football. If there is a possibility to show the crest then they take it, and what better way of doing this with the PUMA training gear, that also works as sport fashion products. All training gear products are suited with the Marseille crest, letting everybody around you know who you support.

The collection features all from plain shirts and on to sea inspired long-sleeved shirts. Furthermore, you can also get your fan T-shirts and caps. All made for the passionate fans in the game, making you ready for Stade Vélodrome. Ready to take your style to the street? Then see our latest PUMA x Marseille training gear here.