Nike Mercurial Orange | New colour for the new boots


Written by William

Nike gave us two colourways when they released the latest Mercurial pack. And now they’re treating us with yet another beautiful colour. The orange Mercurial is here!

Some of 2019’s most hyped boots were released from Nike this weekend – the new Nike Mercurials. Nike gave us two new colourways. A blue version and a black version. Today they are giving us a special treat – a third and even more explosive colourway. An orange beast which really goes hand in hand with the bold design

You can take a look at these amazing boots in the pictures right down below:

As this is a Limited Edition, Nike are releasing 2019 pairs of the Mercurial Superfly Elite and 2019 pairs of the Mercurial Vapor. This means that you must be as fast as Mbappé, Ronaldo, Hazard and all the other explosive players if you want to get your own pair of these.

You can learn a lot more about the new technologies in the new Mercurial Pack here. And if you want to be one of 2019 players with a pair of these Mercurial boots, you can get them right here.