The indoor season is here | Get ready and find the newest gear at Unisport


Written by William

Even though the season is still on and the pitches outside are being used, a lot of players are starting to hit the floor and getting ready for the indoor season. You can get all the newest and best equipment for this at Unisport - we got what you need!

What to do in the winter?

Winter is on its way. This means that it’s time to make a decision about football. Are you the kind of player who enjoys some time off from training and waits for the spring to come before you put on your boots again? Or are you the type who go to the indoor courts and just can’t stop playing?

If you’re the last kind - then Unisport is the place for you to be. Even if you’re just playing once in a while or playing futsal on the highest level, we will have you covered. Let’s get ready for indoor season!

Shoes for indoor and futsal

When it comes to equipment, it’s hard to avoid talking about shoes. They are the most important tool you have. And that’s why you should pay great attention to this section. Because there’s actually a difference between shoes for indoor and for futsal.

If you’re playing indoor with your friends, team or just not on the highest level - and the important thing is to just have fun - then you can easily take a pair of indoor shoes from on of the biggest brands like adidas, Nike or PUMA. Their shoes are usually an indoor version of their FG boots. This means that you can get indoor shoes that look exactly the same as your football boots. That’s pretty cool, isn't it? You will also get some of the same technologies and fit as the boots. The biggest difference is that the studs are replaced with a non-slip outsole made of rubber, so you can have the best grip on the court when you show your skills.

Then we have the shoes for futsal as well. If you’ve watched futsal, then you will know that this is a much faster game. There are no walls around the courts, which means that your technique and touch has to be on point every time you receive the ball. Futsal shoes typically have a lower profile and are often lighter than normal indoor shoes. This will help you with the small twists and turns that will occur during games. You can also see that most futsal shoes have a toe box made with a piece of plastic, leather or suede. Because a toe punt is often the quickest way to get a shot on goal. We have a great variety of futsal shoes at Unisport and recommend you to look at brands that are more specialists at this - Mizuno or Joma in particular.

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Grip socks

When you want to make the best tricks in small spaces you want the best grip as possible. The proper shoes will help you a lot. But you can do more - get a pair of grip socks! They will prevent you from slipping around inside your shoes and make sure that you can always perform the best when you have the ball at your feet. You can get a pair of grip socks from a variety of brands. Just check them all out here

Shirts and shorts

Sometimes you can get really warm and sweaty when you play indoor football or futsal - really quickly. That's why you need some clothes that you can feel comfortable wearing.

Unisport have a big variety of shirts that you can wear for this purpose. They’re all made to keep you cool and absorb sweat so you can stay dry during the game and focus on winning.

You should also get yourself a pair of shorts to have the best flexibility, so you can move fast around the court and in tight spaces.

Indoor footballs

Alright. We told you that the shoes are the most important tool when it comes to indoor football and futsal. But let’s be honest - it wouldn’t be much fun to play without a ball. So that’s why we will end this blog by telling you about the indoor football.

The game on the indoor courts can be very fast. And that’s why you can get some footballs that are specially made for this. Football for indoor are made with a dampened effect so they won’t jump around as much as an outdoor football. This will help you to control the ball better - and to control the game!

We hope that you have found some inspiration for the upcoming indoor season by reading this. If you want to find products to get ready, you can go to our page about indoor football to make sure that you get the right equipment.

You can find all the information and gear right here!