New colours for the Phantoms | The Fire Pack has arrived


Written by William

This year’s explosive colours for the Phantom’s continue today. The popular boots from Nike will get a fresh look that will make you stand out on pitch through the winter. It’s time for the Phantom Fire!

There has been a lot of focus on the Mercurial boots from Nike in the past few months. Now the Phantom’s will get their time to shine. And it’s gonna be with style!

The Nike PhantomVNM and the PhantomVSN will come in some fresh colours that will make sure that your opponents will notice you in the next game. Let’s take a look at the boots and talk about them after these pictures.

Continued below.

We will start with the Phantom Venom. The last few colourways have been pretty crazy and the case is still the same with the Fire Pack. The boots have a small resemblance to their first colourway with the red theme. But the new colour is more light with a ‘mango’-ish colour. The Swoosh on the side stands out with its white base and black lining. And the light feeling is completed with a white soleplate as well.

The Phantom Vision is a bit more dramatic in its appearance. It has a dark grey upper - almost black. It’s a great contrast to the Swoosh, the PhantomVSN branding and the details on the Ghost Lace cover which are all in the same ‘mango’ colour as the upper on the PhantomVNM. So the theme is complete. The soleplate is also kept in a basic colour to keep the clean look.

The boots will be worn by players that have won their respective league - both the big stars and the bright talents. This means that we will see players like Lewandowski, Sterling, de Bruyne, Veratti and Cavani wearing these for the next few weeks.

The boots are available at Unisport exclusively from today.

You can find the boots right here

Or you can find them in our stores in Paris and Copenhagen as well.