Nike Phantom Venom

Nike Phantom Venom Football Boot - Engineered With Precision And Power

Introducing the Nike Phantom Venom also known as the Nike PhantomVNM. This football boot goes under the silo Nike Phantom and has replaced the former top silo, Nike Hypervenom. Even though the world bids farewell to the Hypervenom, the PhantomVNM continues the heritage of making goalscorers even more dangerous. The substitution means new energy and dangerous battles. The boot is packed with tactical features and Nike is again, the provider of venomous tools so you’re equipped to become the ruthless finisher in the game.

All You Need To Know About The Nike Phantom Venom

The Nike Phantom Venom football boot is one of a kind, and is created for the lethal finisher and precise passer. Arguably we could say that these boots has some of the same qualities as the Nike Hypervenom, so the legacy of power and precision goes on. These boots fits anyone who are risk-takers and are able to change any type of situations, leaving no chances to the opponent. With that being said, anyone on the pitch can wear these innovative boots, whether you’re a defender, midfielder, striker or even a goalkeeper. As mentioned earlier, the PhantomVNM is equipped with technologies that enhances your overall skills, so let’s break it down!

Nike Phantom Venom - Deadly Power With Strike Zone

When we first saw the PhantomVNM we immediately knew that this was something special. The main technology on these boots are the so-called Strike Zone with polyurethane strike blades placed on the inside of the boot. This is one of the first things that catches the eye, and that brings us back to the old T90 series from Nike. The DNA of the Strike Zone lives on, to improve your power and precision of your shots. These angled strike blades are injected directly on the boot’s upper and acts like the grooves of a golf club, providing loft and curve on the ball.

Nike Phantom Venom - Comfortable Full Flyknit Upper

The full upper of the Nike Phantom Venom, is constructed with flyknit and covered with a thin layer of silicone. Nike holds on to the tradition of adding ultra-strong Flywire cables into their football boots. The key behind this technology is to provide a conforming fit and support where it is needed, while also keeping the flexibility. The fit and flyknit also adapts to your foot, so wide footed players can enjoy the boots as well. Nike has also reconstructed the heel part, and added foam pads and texture lining for a better lockdown and comfort.

It is important for any footballer to have balance between flexibility and stability. By lacing through these PhantomVNM boots, the flyknit will give you the feeling of a seatbelt that is wrapped around your midfoot, giving you an incredible connection to the boots and a locked-down fit to the plate.

Nike PhantomVNM - Incredible Stud System

Nike has upgraded the stud configuration on the Phantom Venom with a HyperReactive 2.0 plate. As usual the studs are placed with precision and with tactical purpose behind it, so every turn and grip on the pitch is optimized. When the studs hook to the ground, the plate flexes to keep them engaged, so it moves with your foot’s natural range of motion.

The plate is also made with harder materials on the toe area to provide an improved stability and support. Furthermore Nike has added these black stripes on the sole for better mobility, so the agility of the soleplate is suited for multidirectional tractions.

Nike Phantom VNM - Deadly Touches

The front of the Phantom Venom boot is constructed with molded micro texture and honeycomb design for the tighter situations and sharp touches. The texture has a waxy feeling to it, so it acts like a sticky grip, improving your touch and control on the ball. Nike has also changed the lace part that has a semi high coverage of laces on the outside of the boot, giving the player cleaner touches when dribbling or shooting with the outside.

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