PUMA Winterized Pack | Prepare for Winter


Written by Milan

It’s not just a colour update. It’s much more than that. PUMA launches the Winterized Pack, a pack which fits perfectly for the cold conditions, based on new technologies. And yeah, you can almost feel the icy breeze with the new colourway.

It’s not that long ago since we saw the launch of the PUMA x BALR. boots, which also featured a collection of crispy street apparel. Right before that we witnessed the release of the PUMA Rush Pack, which included the bright, volt colour and somewhat reminded us of Summer. Now PUMA presents a cool (literally) new colourway and are ready to prepare players for the cold weather conditions, which are just around the corner. And you do want to have warm feet during the Winter when playing football, believe us. Take a look at the fresh and frosty new colourway, and we’ll go through the details and the tech’s shortly.

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Let’s start with the visuals. The PUMA Winterized Pack is wrapped in a frosty green colourway for both the Future 4.1 and the One 5.1 boots. Both feature ice white outsoles and reflective laces, making them very visible for football on those darker days.

And now to the juicy (and probably most important) stuff: The tech’s. The Winterized Pack is designed to overcome the harshest of cold weather games, making the pack perfect for Winter and cold conditions (hence the name Winterized), as we stated in the beginning of this blog. But why? Well, let us tell you why.

The boots incorporate Thinsulate 200G Insulation technology for extreme weather conditions protection, retaining body heat to keep your feet warm during the coldest of games this Winter. In other words, the Thinsulate layer circulates body heat and allows moisture to evaporate, keeping your feet dry and warm during the whole game. The Thinsulate is thin, so it’s ideal to use as an inner line material, as it won’t take up much space in the boot. Most importantly, it’s flexible and has great heat retention, so it’s not going to feel like your feet will break off when kicking that ice cold and frozen football.

Take care of your feet. Keep them warm. Protect them with the cutting-edge Thinsulate 200G and stand out with the frosty and luminous new colourway at the same time.

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