PUMA ONE - A football boot for the offensive player

The PUMA ONE is offensive in every way. The boot was made with the purpose of creating the perfect balance of speed, agility and touch, with a combination of a new lightweight stabilizing technology- all described in more detail, below. With the creation of a new boot, Puma listened to athletes feedback, and made a cleat which brings everything together, instead of just a cleat that is made for specialized skills. So now we have a boot with the demands of lightweight comfort, touch, durability and flexibility. The boot is perfectly made for the type of player who loves to keep the ball in possession and to have full control of the ball. This is achieved with help from it’s new upper, which is crafted from soft and flexible kangaroo leather - Yep you heard right. Kangaroo leather is a strong lightweight leather, which is cut down to very thin substance, but still retains its strength, which gives you an incredible feeling when the ball strikes your PUMA ONE football boot.


In cooperation with the new SPRINTWEB-technology, which the PUMA ONE 5.1 was the first to feature, you get the ultimate ability to react faster, with your skills and pace, as well as grant you an extraordinary level support and stability. This is very useful when you are attacking your opponent on the last part of the field, where the small margins are really significant. Furthermore the boot contains an evoKNIT sock which optimizes fit and stability with pull tabs, making it easy to step into the PUMA ONE.

PUMA ONE - Outsole and stud configuration

Compared to PUMA ONEs siblings the PUMA King and PUMA Future, the PUMA ONE is a bit heavier, probably because of all the new combinations and technologies put in the boot. However, although it is a bit heavier it is still ultralight. This is amongst others due to the RAPIDAGILITY tech, which is operated on the outsole. The RAPIDAGILITY tech allows you to reach faster and increases your top-speed, while making sure that you still keep your stability on the run and with the football. If you look further down on The PUMA ONE you will see the stud configuration on the boot. Here you can choose between FG+AG configuration, for natural and artificial grass, a more allround choice, or the SG configuration for specifically natural wet and soft grass.

PUMA history - the PUMA ONE

The first PUMA ONEs was released in june 2017 with the slogan FIT.FEEL.FAST. Antoine Griezmann, the World Cup winner of 2018 and big superstar of France and club, was the first player PUMA thought of as a brander of the boot. The great Arsenal icon, Thierry Henry, who has won the World Cup trophy as well, but also the European Cup trophy, and countless other trophies, was joining in the process to help PUMA making the boot fit for every type of player. Other players entering PUMA ONE has been the Argentine superstar and forward Sergio Agüero, the technical spanish midfielder David Silva, and the big Belgian forward Romelu Lukaku.

PUMA ONE was and still is made in a lot of different colourways, and combinations just to please you as the owner. You can get the ONE as classic as an all black PUMA, but also in red, blue, green and silver etc. The cleat is of course also made for both kids and adults. Furthermore, due to its popularity, for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019, Puma made an exclusive version of the boot just for women, the PUMA ONE 5.1 “Trailblazer” in PUMA White/Vineyard Wine/PUMA Silver Woman. The boot was used during the Women’s World Cup 2019 by players such as the English comet Nikita Parris, and the great French superstar Eugénie Le Sommer, who has a lot of goals and titles on the CV. The only thing that distinguish the boot from the men PUMA ONE, is the size, which is only available up to UK 8/EUR 42, and then the exclusive colorway for women. See a big selection of other PUMA football boots for Women and other brands at our Women’s football boots category..

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No matter what colorways you are thinking about getting your PUMAs in, you are always going to be the ONE. With the improved features and innovation of the boot you will always be ready to rule the field. Either if its your passing, striking at goal, or the control of the football, it is always going to be precise, powerful and elegant. We provide an enormous selection of PUMA shoes as well as Puma sneakers and boots, in any size, in our big online shop at Unisportstore.com. We are always offering good prices on our products and we are always fast and safe with our delivery to your front door or nearest post office. Just pick your favorite model, and prepare to conquer the field with the ONE