The return of the King | New colourway for PUMA boots


Written by Milan

PUMA are ready to drop a new colourway for the PUMA King boots, which comes in a bright and more vibrant colour than ever.

It’s been a while since the last time we heard anything about PUMA King boots. The last time was when PUMA reintroduced the then optimised PUMA King, which dropped this Summer. This however, is about to change, as we strongly believe classic boots should never be neglected or overlooked! May we present to you the new PUMA King, which features both the Pro and Platinum editions!

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The pictures above perfectly illustrate how the new PUMA King have been soaked in the light blue colour, while still preserving the classic, simple look. Some may even believe that these blue new beauties are a modern interpretation of the all-black colourway, which are often associated with PUMA King’s.

Both the Pro and the Platinum silos have not only gotten a splash of the light blue (for some, baby blue) colour. No, they are exclusively blue, giving them a clean and pure look perfected with the luminous white soleplates and blue laces as well.

And now to the ‘techier’ part. The new PUMA King’s predominantly remain the same as the previous version, although a sleek, new construction has been added to the boots. Other than that, the K-leather still provides unrivalled comfort and exceptional touch and control over the ball. For the Platinum edition, the RAPIDSPRINT outsole reduces the weight and increases your speed, whereas the Pro version has been incorporated with a modern slip-on design for easy entry.

We simply can’t do anything than be crazy about the new colourway, and can’t wait to see the agelong popular PUMA King’s be worn by none other than Manchester City manager Josep "Pep" Guardiola, and remember - the King’s are for everyone, not only for your old man.

Stay true to the classic’s and shop the vivid new PUMA King’s at Unisport