PUMA Spark | New year, new PUMA boots


Written by Milan

PUMA are back with their first boots for the year of 2020, as they not only launch a new colourway for their two beloved silos - witness the next generation PUMA One boots, which have undergone a massive facelift!

It was only a matter of time before PUMA would launch their first boots of 2020, but the wait is finally over, as it’s time to move away from the icy and cold-coloured wintry boots such as the PUMA Luminous King and the PUMA Flash, and give a warm welcome to PUMA Spark, which undoubtedly encircles a more sunny colourway! Stay warm and cope with the still cold conditions with the joyous and radiant new colourway below, before we go through the visual’s and the tech’s.

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Unlike PUMA Flash, which only featured a new and technologically updated Future, PUMA Spark includes both the Future and the One and introduces a bold yellow, black and white design for both boots. This time however, the focus will mainly be on the new PUMA One 20.1, as new tech’s have been incorporated. Nevertheless, we’ll still go through the new PUMA Future before we dwell upon the revised new PUMA One.

As seen on the images above, the design of the PUMA Future Spark is similar to the Flash, but with a bright and more energetic new colourway. The tech’s remain the same, featuring the latest evolution of NETFIT technology and the flexible honeycomb structure, which is intended to offer players a variety of customizable lacing options, despite providing greater freedom of movement when making quick changes of direction. The Future will be worn by some of the game’s most dynamic players, including Antoine Griezmann, Luiz Suárez and Marco Reus.

And now to the next generation One’s. Crafted for the deadly touch of David Silva, the inhuman accuracy of Sergio Agüero and the instinctual finishing of Romelu Lukaku, the new PUMA One 20.1 are exclusively black and yellow on the outer side of the boots, while the inner side are finished predominantly in white.

The boots combine the lightweight stabilizing properties of SPRINTWEB - an ultralight and extremely strong woven material structure that provides you with supreme lateral support - with premium K-Leather, creating the perfect balance of speed, precision and support. In addition, the super soft K-Leather, which primarily is applied on the medial side of the boot, will give you a premium touch - no matter the weather conditions. Thanks to the FUSEFIT lacing system and the supportive evoKNIT sock, the PUMA One additionally secures an ideal comfort and lockdown.

Last but not least, the RAPIDSPRINT outsole is engineered in order to give you the needed assistance for quick bursts, making you the player of tomorrow with an agility and reaction like no other.

Redefine the game just like some of the world’s most renowned players. Be the spark for your team and ignite creativity on the pitch with the new PUMA Spark.

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