PUMA Eclipse | Round 4 of the Eclipse saga


Written by Milan

PUMA are ready to invite us to yet another blackout party, as they continue their Eclipse streak and introduce us to their newest blackout collection. It might be that the days are starting to get lighter and lighter as the cold and chilly season is nearly over, but it’s time to dim the lights and prepare yourself for a total Winter eclipse!

Blackout boots just have an impact like no other. They are for the players who don’t feel the need to stand out with a couple of splashy and colourful boots, but who remain confident and cool with an all-black look on the pitches. That’s why we believe the new PUMA Eclipse are crafted for the most intense players. The ones who rely on the darkness and sees it as their ally, as they are capable of putting the ball behind the net and stop the most skillful attackers, even if they weren’t able to see anything on the football field. Let the images below intrigue you before we run through the details shortly.

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As you would imagine, both the Future and the One silo are mostly black, though with a more fierce look compared to the previous PUMA Eclipse collections, as we can almost dare to claim that the new collection is darker than ever. And guess what - it’s actually the first blackout version of the new PUMA One 20.1!

Now that we’ve mentioned it, let’s start off with the PUMA One. The boots are added a touch of class with the stealth design, and incorporate an all-black colourway to fulfill the Eclipse look. The soleplates are finished in a greyish colour with blue-gray studs to differ from the complete dark composition. Tech-wise, the One silo combines the lightweight stabilizing properties of SPRINTWEB with premium K-leather to create the perfect balance of speed, touch and support.

When it comes to the Future 5.1, the boots likewise embody the full blackout look with a puma-like pattern on the light grey soleplates. Other than that, the back of the sock has the lettering “Future” written across and the PUMA logo finished in a silverish colour to complete the PUMA Future look. This is also seen on the toe-box, where the eminent PUMA logo has been imprinted as well. As for the tech’s, the boots offer the NETFIT technology for superior fit and support for extreme agility, an enhanced grip texture placed on key strike areas and finally the acclaimed ultra-lightweight RAPIDAGILITY outsole for explosive acceleration.

There’s no doubt that the tech’s on both PUMA silos will make you master your game during the eclipse, and as for the classic, black paint job - well… let’s just say that black can never really go out of fashion.

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