Be prepared for bad weather | Unisport will help you


Written by William

It’s always good to be able to stand up against rain, wind and cold while playing football. Here you can get a guide to prepare yourself in the best way.

One of the best things about playing football is that it’s outside in the fresh air. Feeling the breeze, smelling the grass and enjoy the warmth from the sun.

But sometimes it’s not going to be that scenario. The breeze can be a cold wind, the grass can be a muddy mess and and warm sun can be replaced by rain or maybe even snow! So what do you do when you want to keep on playing the game you love - but you don’t want to be uncomfortable or even get sick?

You prepare yourself! And Unisport can help you with this. Here are some of the best tips to get ready to meet the elements on the pitch:


The wet weather requires the proper gear. Cold temperatures or rain are some of the obstacles you will meet in your life as a footballer. It’s important to stay dry and warm during training session for you to perform at your best.

A long sleeve top is a perfect way to have a midlayer. This will keep you warm and comfortable while playing football but it won’t give you any distractions as it’s made for athletic use.

To stay dry, you should get yourself a rain jacket. There’s almost nothing worse than being wet before getting started. So this is a definite must-have during the season of bad weather! You can find a large selection of rain jackets and tops at Unisport.

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Base layer

It’s great to have the outer layer covered. But you need to keep the heat as close to your body as possible. You will need the latest base layer like the professional players are using. You can find base layer with short or long sleeves. Shorts or long tights. All with the same main function - get the sweat away from your skin as quick as possible so you won’t get cold.

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Neck warmer

You can cover your body as much as you want. But most people still forget to protect their neck in the cold. That’s why you should get yourself a neck warmer.

At Unisport you can find a great selection of neck warmers - including the popular Snood from Nike. You can get your own neck warmer in different shapes, designs and great colours - they will all keep your neck warm and protected.

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Player gloves

Instead of running around clapping your hands to get them warm, why not get a pair of player gloves? Take care of your hands so they won’t get cold. This will make it easier for you to tie your laces, throw the ball or simply just keep you in a better mood.

At Unisport we have gloves with club logos on and from the biggest brand around the world.

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Hats and beanies

We lose most of our body heat from our heads. So when it’s cold you need to cover the top. Some people don’t feel comfortable or cool wearing a beanie or a hat. But when it’s windy, dark and the temperature is low, you will thank yourself of getting one.

The good thing about this is that Unisport have a big selection of hats that will make you look great and keep you warm. So you can choose the best looking ones from Nike, adidas, PUMA or from a fourth brand.

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Now you’re ready to face the cold. The wind, low temperature and rain can give it all - you will beat it anyway if you choose to prepare yourself. Get all the latest equipment and coolest gear at Unisport NOW!