PUMA Rise | The rise of football is now


Written by Milan

Rise and shine! With the return of football approaching slowly, what better way to celebrate than dropping a new collection. Say hello to PUMA Rise and be ready to arise!

PUMA are ready for football. How can we tell? Well, why else would they call their new collection PUMA Rise, which features both the Future and the One silo. Last time we witnessed a collection from the German brand was with the PUMA King Lazertouch, which combined classic boots with cutting-edge technologies. With football just around the corner, now it’s time to rise with the new PUMA Rise. Enjoy the ‘sunrise’ below before we look at the specifics.

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Yup, we didn't mean to sound smart or cocky when we wrote ‘sunrise’ above. The boots really do resemble a sunrise with the yellow and orange colours. As seen on previous PUMA executions, each half of the boot has its own colour; Orange/red on the one side, while being finished in yellow on the other side of the boot. Nonetheless, we believe the boots are ideal for the summer.

With the sunny new paint job, stunning new soleplates follow. And they sure are stunning with that silver/metallic look! When the sun is high in the sky, you will certainly blind your opponents and leave them behind as you sprint towards your target to score a goal with the new PUMA Rise boots. Try visualizing this scenario for a second… nice, right?

As for the tech’s, the Future incorporates the adaptable NETFIT support into a fully knitted upper, which enhances fit and stability significantly, while the One features the state-of-the-art lightweight stabilizing properties of SPRINTWEB and premium K-leather, creating a perfect balance between speed, touch and support.

As the return of football draws nearer and the excitement surrounding the restart of the season intensifies, players will reignite the hopes of the football world as they rise up towards the glory and rise to new challenges.

The PUMA Rise collection will be worn by all PUMA athletes when their leagues start again.

Rise up and chase your dreams with the PUMA Rise collection here