New innovation from Nike - welcome to the Flight Ball


Written by William

A new football will hit the market. Full of innovations and the latest technology, Nike says this is the best one yet!

What’s the most important thing to have if you want to play a game of football? The ball! You can’t play a game without an object to kick over the goalline, pass your teammates or dribble past your opponent.

Footballs have gone through a big change and evolution in recent years. The technologies are always renewed in the search for the perfect football. The one with the best stability and credibility.

Nike tell us that they’ve found it now - the Flight Ball. I think we should take a look at it underneath and talk about the spec’s and tech’s after the pictures.

Continued below the pictures

It could sound like this ball is made in a lab. And that’s not quite wrong. There are tons of testing and analytics behind the tech’s on the Flight Ball to make sure it performs the best. More than 800 athletes have tested the ball. And Nike have spent more than 1,700 hours working in their Innovation Lab.

Not matter what position on the pitch you’re playing, you always want the ball to fly more consistent. Nike wanted to get rid of the wobbling motions that we’ve seen balls make in the air through recent years. They tell us that the Flight Ball has a 30% more true flight compared to the popular Merlin ball and other previous Nike footballs.

The newest aerodynamic technology from Nike is called AerowSculpt and consists of molded grooves that helps with the balance in the flight of the ball.

The ball also has All Conditions Control (ACC) to enhance the grip in all types of weather.

We’re beyond excited to see this ball in action - it will be used in the big leagues like Premier League and Serie A .

You can get the Nike Flight Ball at Unisport right here!