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To no big surprise we have a wide selection of footballs here at Unisport - we have everything from entry level footballs to official match balls from the biggest leagues around the globe. The same goes for brands - if you’re completely in love with footballs from Select, Nike, adidas, PUMA, New Balance, or Monta, you’re in luck, as we have all of them available to buy online on our site. We have footballs for grass pitches, artificial grass, turf, and street surfaces at Unisport and we have the expertise to help you find the perfect football for you and your needs.

Footballs can however be a confusing thing to buy, as there are many things to consider when doing so. What size football should I buy? Should I consider surface when buying a football? And what do the different price points mean to the quality of the football? We’re here to answer all these questions and then some, so stick with us and we’ll make you an expert on buying footballs online in no time. Keep in mind that no matter how long time you spend on choosing the right football for you, we still guarantee fast delivery and great prices.

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If you buy footballs online here at Unisport, you are not only guaranteed a high-quality product, but you’re getting it a great, low prices and we always offer fast shipping worldwide. We have footballs for everybody no matter your age, gender, or skill level, and no matter what you need from your football, we can match it. If you’re shopping on a budget, we can help you find the football that gives you your money’s worth, as we have a wide selection of cheap football and footballs at different price points.

The evolution of footballs - from feathers to air

There is not much fun to the game of football without the most important piece of equipment: the football. It is no wonder that the game has been named after its headlining star, but the football as it was originally invented has changed dramatically over the years. The earliest rendition of the sport that we refer to as football origins from the Chinese game ‘cuju’, which was invented during the Han Dynasty more than 200 years BC. Back then the ball they used to play with was stuffed with feathers and it wasn’t for another 800 years before they had the brilliant idea of inflating it with air. Thankfully, it has stayed that way for some time now, but that is just about the only constant in the evolution of footballs.

Since the invention of the inflated football, every brand on the market has contributed in developing the technology and performance of modern day footballs. However, what is really important to emphasise is that footballs these days can differ in a variety of ways and are designed with very specific purposes. This becomes evident in every aspect of the football, from size, to price, and performance, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to buy the football that best matches your needs and requirements.

From Champions League to the World Cup - Official footballs online at Unisport

You will find a wide selection of the world’s best football right here at the world’s best football store. If you are looking to buy the official Champions League football, you’ll find it here on our site, where we offer it a variety of different price points. We also offer official footballs from the World Cup, European Championship, Confederations Cup, and plenty other international tournaments.

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Do you want to play with the same football as they use in the Premier League? Italy’s Serie A, or Spain’s La Liga? You can buy the official match balls from the world’s top leagues right here at Unisport and you can even do so at great prices and with speedy worldwide delivery. We have the official match balls, but we also have them at different price points, so everyone can find a football that matches their budget. Buy your new football online right here at Unisport - it’s safe and easy to shop online with us.

Cheap footballs and high-end football: How to buy footballs online

If you don’t know how to buy footballs online, we going to teach you right now. Here at Unisport we consider ourselves experts on the matters of football and all the equipment related to it, and we understand how difficult it can be to choose exactly the right product for you. All online purchases start with a budget and we have footballs on every level of the price range. We have plenty of cheap football in our selection, if you’re looking for an intro level ball, but we also have the high-end and top-level footballs in our online assortment.

Training footballs: Footballs for training and everyday use

If you have football practice once or more every week, you’ll need footballs that not only offer great performance, but also provides excellent durability. This combination will make many people think that the higher the price of the football, the more of both aspects you get, but this isn’t always the case. Footballs for training and everyday use obviously have to give up some of the technological innovation that drives the performance of the balls, but this is necessary to give training footballs the durability they need to be able to take a kicking more than once a week.

Official match balls: Footballs for matches - what about durability?

If we look to the top of the price list we find the finest footballs we have to offer here at; the official match balls from the best leagues and tournaments around the world. The price tag is steep, but there are plenty of reasons to justify it. The name in itself is self-explanatory, as official match balls are identical to the ones you see the professional players use when they play in leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga or in the Champions League and World Cup. Brands such as Nike, adidas, and Select have gone to great lengths to innovate and perfect these footballs to offer the best performance on the market and you will find a wide selection of official match footballs here at Unisport, where we offer great prices and speedy delivery.

As the name also indicates, official match balls are designed for peak performance in match situations and we generally do not recommend that you use them for training sessions every day of the week. Therefore, you should consider your needs before investing in an official match ball for yourself or your team, as there are many great alternatives on the market. However, if you have got your eyes set on an official match ball, you can be sure to find the one you’re looking for here at Unisport.

Football sizes - We have footballs in all sizes at Unisport

If you’ve played football since you learned to walk, you have probably come across a variety of differently sized footballs, as you have moved from age group to age group. Footballs come in different sizes and weights to best meet the needs of kids and adults alike as they progress through the ranks on their way to football stardom. Football sizes range from size 1 to size 5, where some of them are not used as actual footballs. If you’re confused, there is no need to worry as we will guide you through the different sizes and help you get the right football for you.

Size 1 footballs & Size 2 footballs - Buy them online at Unisport

Size one and two footballs are not typical to most football fields, as they are simply too small to use for playing actual football. Size 1 and 2 footballs are most commonly used as promotional footballs, and their size and weights will vary depending on the company that created them, as there is no official weight and size to go by. They tend to be smaller than the more commonly sized footballs, but some coaches may use them in some cases to help new players learn controlling techniques. If you need a fun football to use on the beach or to take with you on holiday that doesn’t take up too much space in your bag, you should buy a size 1 or size 2 football right here at

Size 3 footballs - Perfect for kids and young stars

Size three footballs are the ones common in youth leagues for players under the age of eight. Size 3 footballs are smaller than those used by young adults and professional players and they have a circumference of 23-24 inches, with a weight of only 11-12 ounces. They are great for the youngest of football players that are just getting started with the game, but they are also perfect for more seasoned players that want to test off their technical abilities with a smaller football. Try one from our selection here at Unisport - it’s safe and easy to shop online from our site and we guarantee great prices and speedy delivery worldwide.

Size 4 footballs online - Perfect for futsal and young footballers

Size four footballs are used with players between the ages of eight and twelve years old. They are slightly bigger than size three footballs, with circumferences between 25-26 inches and tend to be slightly heavier, approximately 12-13 ounces, when compared to other footballs. Size 4 footballs are the last step before you take the plunge and dive into senior football. We have a wide selection of size 4 footballs here at Unisport, where you can choose from a variety of brands and a variety of colours and models.

Size 5 footballs - FIFA approved footballs from

If you play football on a senior level, you should buy a size 5 football here at Unisport. Size five footballs are the intended for players from age twelve to adults. The circumference of a size five ball is 27-28 inches, with a heftier weight of 14-16 ounces. It is the size an internationally standard football and size 5 football are therefore identical in size and weight to those you see on TV, when players across the globe show off their skills on the pitch.

FIFA approved footballs - Buy high quality footballs at

Besides using the right size football, those looking for FIFA approved footballs should also look for the following qualities: It should be obviously spherical and made from leather or a suitable substitute material. Aside from the correct circumference, weight, and material, the football also needs to be kept at the right inflation to maintain a good internal pressure. Here at Unisport we take pride in the quality of the products we have on offer and when you buy footballs online from our site, you can be sure that you are getting a great, high-quality product.

Futsal footballs, indoor footballs and regular grass footballs online at Unisport

Depending on the surface, you need a specific type of football to get the best experience possible. Most footballs are fine to use on all types of surfaces, but footballs will generally be designed with natural grass surfaces in mind. If you use footballs for natural grass on other surfaces, it can affect durability and longevity of the ball, as artificial grass, turf, and gravel pitches are rougher on the ball than natural grass. There are however footballs for artificial grass, turf and gravel pitches that we recommend for these surfaces especially. Pick the right tool for the right job and if you do that for footballs, you are sure to get the most out of it - although you lose out on using the gear as an excuse for missing the goal!

Indoor football and balls for fustal - know the difference

There are also footballs for indoor courts and we have a wide selection of indoor footballs for futsal and indoor football online here at Unisport. Indoor footballs come in two varieties: one specifically for futsal and one for indoor football in general. Futsal footballs are easy to tell apart, as they are quite heavy in comparison to regular footballs. This is because futsal rarely uses loftier passes and therefore need the ball to stay on the ground. Indoor footballs are much like regular footballs in size and weight, but their coating and surface make them easier to dribble with at high speed on the indoor surface.