Are you ready to haunt your opponent? | The new adidas X Ghosted will help you


Written by Lasse

A new boot has risen to the surface - and this time, it is the adidas X silo that has been given an update. The X have returned as non other than a ghost, who can make you faster than fast. Why would you need this? Because fast is too slow!

As you probably can guess, this new adidas X boot looks like a ghost. I know, it sounds odd and like I’ve lost my mind. But it really does. So let’s dive into the design of the new speed boot from adidas.

First of all the X Ghosted’s upper is thin, in order to make the boot light like a feather. And it is the low-cut type of boot, so you can feel totally free. But the most dramatic and exciting about the design on the upper is that, it will be a see-through boot. Yeah, you’ve read that right. You can actually see through the upper and into the boot. So if you are wearing a coloured sock, you will be able to see its colour through the boots upper. Quite a bold move from adi - but we like it. A lot.

Besides the see-through skin, the upper got the renowned three stripes on the far side of the boot. The stripes are gold, as well as the lines on the back of the boot. At the heel, you’ll find a black X and on top of the tongue, you’ll find a golden adidas logo. If you take a look underneath the X Ghosted, you’ll find a flashy soleplate that shines spectacularly and an arrow pointing forwards. A nice little detail, we think.

But we are not done talking about the soleplates, as we now turn our focus towards the techs. The soleplates on the new adidas X will feature a modern legend in the world of football boots. The majestic carbon, as we have seen on some of the greatest boots ever, has returned to the adidas X Ghosted. Carbon gives you the ultimate conditions to beat your opponent, as it gives you the opportunity to take off like a rocket. The boot are of course made with the super-light Speedframe too. So you ain’t got any excuses now. This is the fastest you’ll get.

When talking about the tech, we also have to mention the upper. The X Ghosted+ will come with Mirageskin, and the X Ghosted.1 will have the Fluroskin. Both of them got a thin see-through upper and will make you look untameable. And most important of all - your opponent will be terrified of what’s coming at him!

As always you can have the X Ghosted just as you like it. With or without laces. Either way, you will have a lightweight speed boot with carbon soleplates, see-through upper and experience a speed, like you’ve never seen before.

You will find the X Ghosted on players such as Mohamed Salah and Gabriel Jesus. And we can’t wait to see these boots on the pitch!

The X Ghosted are available on the 11th of August - sign up for free right here!