Nike releases the full Nigeria collection - including new home and away shirts


Written by William

The hype from the 2018 World Cup continues with the Nigerian national team. Today we’re getting another amazing launch from Nike.

We all remember the crazy Nigeria shirt from the World Cup in 2018. The hype wouldn’t end and the home shirt was sold out in a few hours. Now it’s time for yet another good looking launch for Nigeria. And like 2018, we also get a full collection of apparel and training wear as well.

The Nigeria home shirt is even bolder and good looking in its design than the previous one. It features a pattern that covers most of the shirt made in different shades of green. It takes inspiration from the Agbada robes which are traditionally worn in Nigerian culture.

The Nike Swoosh is placed in the center as well as the badge of the team. This is something that we’ve seen on another national team shirt from Nike - the England shirt.

The Nigeria away shirt is made in a cool and subtle grey colour. The details can be found on the collar and the cuffs on the sleeves. The green and white pattern is inspired by Onaism which is an artistic tradition in Nigeria.

To top it all off, Nike has launched an amazing collection of apparel and training gear to accompany the shirts. The design on these products, which includes a vest, poncho, shorts and t-shirts, is a celebration of the nations of Nigeria. It’s a mix of local craftsmanship and technical innovation - it’s a meeting of Nigeria’s two great loves - culture and football.

Check out the full collection in the pictures below.

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