New adidas pack in sight | The Predator silo strikes again


Written by Sandra

Today is a great day! We are getting a whole new Predator for 2021 together with spiky colourways for X Ghosted and Nemeziz. Introducing the new Predator Freak.

adidas just keeps on spoiling us and the year has only just begun. Around the same time last year, adidas gave us Predator 20+, which gave the Predator a whole different look - a spiky look. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of crazy launches and versions of the radical looking boot - we've seen the Predator Dragon, the Predator Glory Hunter and lately the Predator Eternal Class. Just to name a few!

But now the Superlative pack has taken the Predator to the next level - let’s take a look at it!

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As mentioned above, the Predator Freak will arrive as a part of the Superlative launch. And we can definitely say that by the looks of it - the Predator Freak has been taken to another level of spiky looks. It resembles the Predator 20+ a lot, but there are a few upgrades added to the new version.

The upper is still covered with the Demonskin spikes to give you the best possibilities of controlling the ball and give it an extra swerve when finishing and making crosses to your teammates. But this time, the 225 spikes are strategically better placed to enhance the sensation of the Predator.

The collar has also gotten an upgrade - the higher laceless primeknit collar gives you greater stability and comfort, so you they can be at your best until the final whistle. Besides this upgrade, adidas has also made this boot to activate You+, which allows creators to unleash skills they never knew they had and bring unseen skills to the pitch. Predator Freak is made for those who are ready to cease the opportunity - for those who want to create and invent. Players who are willing to be extraordinary can truly activate You+.

Be a freak and activate You+ - get the new Predator Freak right here!

But the Predator Freak is not the only boot in the Superlative collection. Let’s take a look at the rest of the new collection!

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The Superlative pack also includes new colourways for X Ghosted and Nemeziz. The X Ghosted has an overall yellow colour, with black stripes and a touch of royal blue. Actually it reminiscent of the Precision to Blur colourway, just with the royal blue to break the colourway. And now it has a white soleplate.

On the Nemeziz boot, the royal blue is the dominant colour, whereas the yellow is mixed in, over the blue. The collar is all black.

Besides the boots - the collection also includes new adidas Predator gloves, which has mutated, and shinguards. And a colour update for the X Ghosted gloves.

The Superlative pack will be worn by different players all around the world - Predator Freak will be worn by players such as Paul Pogba, Toni Duggan and David Alaba. X Ghosted will be worn by Mohamed Salah and Nemeziz will be worn Lionel Messi. We can’t wait to see the boots in action! Can you?

You can be a part of the Superlative family as well, as you can pre-order the boots at Unisport now! So what are you waiting for?

Get the Superlative pack right here at Unisport!